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City of Sunnyvale
456 W. Olive Ave.
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Sunnyvale City Government


The City of Sunnyvale operates under a council/ manager form of government. Council, as the legislative body, represents the entire community and is empowered by the City Charter to formulate Citywide policy.

Seven Councilmembers are elected at large by City voters for numbered seats and serve a four-year term. The City Charter limits Councilmembers to serving two consecutive terms. The mayor and vice mayor are selected from among the ranks of Council and serve one-year terms.

See a list of current Councilmembers.

The city manager is appointed by Council and serves as the chief executive officer responsible for day-to-day administration of City affairs and implementation of Council policies.

The city attorney, also appointed by Council, advises and represents the City and Council in all legal affairs.

City Council

The City Council meets two to four Tuesdays a month at 7 p.m. Council meets in study session as needed prior to the regular meetings to review specific issues in depth. With few exceptions as allowed by law, all Council meetings are open to the public.

Every effort will be made to ensure that residents have ample opportunity to address Council. At the beginning of the meeting, time is set aside for public announcements of upcoming community events or programs. Speakers are limited to three minutes and no Council discussion or action will be taken at that time.

The public has the opportunity to speak on all items listed on the agenda prior to Council taking final action. Once the mayor has opened the item for discussion, residents wishing to speak should approach the front podium, state their name, and direct questions or comments to the mayor.

During the public comment period, residents may address Council on issues or concerns not included on the agenda. At that time, Council may discuss these items with residents or direct staff to handle matters involving regular City services. Any necessary Council action would be placed on a future agenda for full public consideration.

Applause or other displays of approval or disapproval are inappropriate during City Council proceedings.

The agenda is the official guide for City Council meetings. Prepared by staff in consultation with Council, the agenda includes current legislative and policy issues that must be reviewed by the full Council. By law, Council cannot take action on items or issues not listed on the agenda.

Council meetings are televised live on KSUN-15, the City’s government access cable TV channel. Meetings also are replayed Wednesday evening at 7 p.m., and Saturday and Sunday afternoons at 4 p.m. Webcasts of live and archived Council meetings are also available to view online

Boards and Commissions

Boards and commissions advise the City Council on policy issues. All meetings are open to the public. Agendas are posted in the City Library, and in the City Hall lobby at least 72 hours prior to any regularly scheduled meeting. Applications may be obtained from the City Clerk, 603 All America Way, Sunnyvale, (408) 730-7483.

Learn more about boards and commissions.


Other Elected Officials

County Government

Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors

Supervisor Dave Cortese, District 3 (408) 299-5030

Supervisor Joe Simitian, District 5
(408) 299-5050

State Government


Jerry Brown
(916) 445-2841

State Assembly:

Rich Gordon, District 24
(650) 691-2121 (local)
(916) 319-2024 (Sacramento)

State Senate:

Jerry Hill, District 13
(650) 688-6384 (local)
(916) 445-9740 (Sacramento)

Federal Government

U.S. House of Representatives

Mike Honda (D), California 17th
(408) 558-8085 (local)
(202) 225-2631 (D.C.)

U.S. Senate

Barbara Boxer (D) (415) 403-0100 (San Francisco)
(202) 224-3553 (Washington, D.C.)

Diane Feinstein (D)
(415) 393-0707 (San Francisco)
(202) 224-3841 (Washington, D.C.)

City of Sunnyvale

Normal City Hours of Operation are
8 a.m. until 5 p.m.

(408) 730-7500

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