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Mayor and Council
456 W. Olive Ave.
P.O. Box 3707
Sunnyvale, CA 94088-3707
Phone:  (408) 730-7473
Fax:  (408) 730-7699

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Sunnyvale Councilmembers


Seat #3

Second Term (Expires 2018)

Jim Davis


Seat #6

First Term (Expires 2016)

David Whittum


Seat #4

Second term (Expires 2016)

Pat Meyering


Seat #5

First Term (Expires 2016)

Tara Martin-Milius


Seat #7

First Term (Expires 2016)


Seat #2

First Term (Expires 2018)


Seat #1

First Term (Expires 2018)

Council FAQs

Q: How do I contact Council or the Mayor?

Send an e-mail to Council.  (Your message will be sent to the full Council and key City staff.)
Send an e-mail to the Mayor.  (Your message will be sent only to the Mayor and key City staff.)

Q: How do I request a meeting with Mayor?

A: Please call the Executive Asst. to Mayor and Council at (408) 730-7473, or request an appointment by e-mail.

Q: How do I request a meeting with Council?

A: Requests to meet with Councilmembers are forwarded to Council, and the requestor is notified as soon as possible whether their proposed meeting has been accepted or declined.

Requestors should be advised, in advance, that it is not uncommon for meetings to be denied for reasons beyond the basic difficulties inherent in scheduling Councilmembers’ busy calendars.  First, meetings with less than the full Council can work against the City’s attempt to ensure that all Councilmembers have the same information and background with which to consider policy issues (and the law precludes all Councilmembers from meeting together with you outside of a regularly scheduled Council meeting).  Second, those requesting meetings often expect that Councilmembers will express their thoughts and/or opinions at the meeting.  Please understand that if a meeting request is accepted, Councilmembers will listen to the presentation and may ask questions, but are unlikely to express opinions or support, particularly if the topic is regarding an issue likely to be considered by the full Council at a future public hearing.  This is because Councilmembers will generally want to hear all sides of an issue in an open public hearing before committing to any particular position themselves.

Whether or not the meeting request is accepted, requestors are encouraged to present their issues to the full Council by e-mail or by writing a letter to City Council, P.O. Box 3707, Sunnyvale, CA 94088-3707, and/or appear before the full Council at a regularly scheduled public meeting.  This will ensure that all Councilmembers receive the same information at the same time, and that, if Council has questions, all Councilmembers hear the same answers. Opportunities for public comment are provided at every public hearing conducted by City Council, with speakers limited to 3 minutes each.

Questions regarding scheduling meetings with Council should be directed to Heidi Kirk, Executive Assistant to City Council, at (408) 730-7473.

Q: When is the next Council Meeting?

A: The Council Agenda Calendar can be found on the City's Web site.

Q: How do I make a presentation to Council at a Council Meeting?

This helpful guide will help you make your council chambers presentation more effective.


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