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Next Meeting:  Monday, January 30, 2017 at 2 P.M.

Council Chambers 
City Hall, 456 W. Olive Ave.

Notice of Consideration of Transfer of Specific Government Use Assets


Redevelopment Successor Agency Oversight Board

About the Redevelopment Successor Agency

As part of the State’s budget deficit, the Governor proposed the elimination of redevelopment agencies in the FY 2011/2012 State Budget. In June 2011, the State Legislature approved and the Governor signed two pieces of legislation: ABx1 26, which dissolved redevelopment agencies and ABx1 27, which allowed redevelopment agencies to opt into a voluntary alternative program to avoid the dissolution by making payments. The California Redevelopment Association and the League of California Cities challenged both pieces of legislation on constitutional grounds. In late December 2011, the State Supreme Court ruled that ABx1 26 was constitutional and ABx1 27 was not. As a result all redevelopment agencies, including the Redevelopment Agency of the City of Sunnyvale, were legally dissolved on February 1, 2012

The City has elected to be the Redevelopment Successor Agency, overseeing the wind down of the Redevelopment Agency. An Oversight Board consisting of seven representatives supervises the Successor Agency. The Board is made up of members from the City of Sunnyvale, the County of Santa Clara and local education and special districts of the Redevelopment Project Area.

The Redevelopment Successor Agency plays a key day-to-day role in assuring that the existing debt service and other obligations of the former Redevelopment Agency are properly paid from an Enforceable Obligation Payment Schedule, and that the former Redevelopment Agency's properties and other assets are disposed of in an appropriate manner.

About the Enforceable Obligation Payment Schedule

On August 23, 2011, the former Redevelopment Agency of the City of Sunnyvale adopted a resolution approving the Enforceable Obligation Payment Schedule (EOPS). The EOPS identifies debt service and other payments that RDAs must make through December 2011.

The Redevelopment Successor Agency, at a public meeting of the Successor Agency Board on April 24, 2012, approved and adopted an amendment to the EOPS in the form of an Amended Enforceable Obligation Payment Schedule (Amended EOPS). The amendments contained in the Amended EOPS include extending the payment schedule for Enforceable Obligations to additionally cover the months of January through June 2012.

About the Oversight Board

The Oversight Board has a fiduciary responsibility to holders of Enforceable Obligations and the taxing entities that benefit from distributions of property tax and other revenues. Commencing July 1, 2018, all Oversight Boards for the various former redevelopment agencies in the County of Santa Clara will be consolidated into a single county-wide Oversight Board.

The actions of the Oversight Board will be overseen by the State Department of Finance and may be subject to disapproval or modification.

Meeting Schedule

Meetings are held only as necessary in the West Conference Room at City Hall, 456 W. Olive Ave., Sunnyvale CA 94086, unless otherwise noted on the Agenda Notice.

Agenda Agenda Materials and Supplemental Information  Approved Minutes
1-30-2017 Item 1: Draft Minutes 7-21-2016
Item 2: Resolution Admin Budget
Item 3: Resolution ROPS 17-18

Item 1: Draft Minutes 1-28-2016
Item 2: 7-21-2016
Information only: Study Session Summary 5-11-2016
Information only: Study Session Summary 6-20-2016
Supplemental Report: 7-20-2016
Staff Presentation 7-21-2016
 Approved Minutes 7-21-2017
 6-20-2016 Item 1: Study Session-Amendments to 2010 ADDOPA - Sunnyvale Town Center

 Study Session Summary 6-20-2016
 5-11-2016 Item 1: Study Session-Amendments to 2010 ADDOPA
Item 1 Attachment 1: ADDOPA
Item 1 Attachment 2: ADDOPA Map
Item 1 Attachment 3: ADDOPA Project Description
Item 1 Supplemental Report 5-11-2016

 Study Session Summary 5-11-2016

Item 1: Draft Minutes 9-24-2015
Item 4: 1-28-2016
Item 5: 1-28-2016
Item 6: 1-28-2016
Item 7: 1-28-2016
Item 8: 1-28-2016

 Approved Minutes 1-28-2016

Item 1: Draft Minutes 2-29-2015
Item 2: 9-24-2015
Item 3: 9-24-2015
 Approved Minutes 9-24-2015

Item 1: Draft Minutes 9-29-2014
Item 2: 2-26-2015
Approved Minutes 2-26-2015 
 9-29-2014 Item 1: Draft Minutes 2-27-2014
Item 2: 9-29-2014
Item 3: 9-29-2014
Approved Minutes 9-29-2014
 2-27-2014 Item 1: Draft Minutes 9-11-2013
Item 2: 2-27-2014
Approved Minutes 2-27-2014
 9-11-2013 Item 1: Draft Minutes 2-28-2013
Item 2: 9-11-2013
 Approved Minutes 9-11-2013

Item 1: Draft Minutes 1-9-2013
Item 2: 7-28-2013
Approved Minutes 2-28-2013
 1-9-2013 Item 1: Draft Minutes 12-20-2012
Item 2 - 01/09/2013
             Non-Housing Fund Due Diligence Review
             Certified 2nd ROPS
             Certified 3rd ROPS
Approved Minutes 1-9-2013
 12-20-2012 Item 1: Draft Minutes 10-11-2012
Item 2: Non-Housing Funds Due Diligence Review
Approved Minutes 12-20-2012
 10-11-2012 Item 1: Draft Minutes 8-29-2012
Item 2: 10-11-2012
Item 3- Housing Fund Due Diligence Review
Item 3: Certified 2nd ROPS
Item 3: Certified 3rd ROPS
Approved Minutes 10-11-2012
 10-4-2012 Item 1: Sunnyvale Housing Due Diligence Report  Approved Minutes 10-4-2012
8-29-2012 Item 1: Draft Minutes 7-26-2012
Item 2: 8-29-2012
 Approved Minutes 8-29-2012
 7-26-2012 Item 1: Draft Minutes 5-14-2012
Item 2: 7-26-2012

 Approved Minutes 7-26-2012
 5-14-2012 Item 1: Draft Minutes 4-26-2012
Item 2: 5-14-2012

 Approved Minutes 5-14-2012
 4-26-2012 Item 1: Draft Minutes 4-9-2012
Item 3: 4-26-2012
Item 4: 4-26-2012
Item 5: 4-26-2012
Item 6: 4-26-2012
Item 7: RSA-OB 12-001 Easement and License Agreement
Item 7: RSA-OB 12-001 Easement
Item 7: RSA-OB 12-001 License Agreement

 Approved Minutes 4-26-2012
 4-9-2012 Item 1:  Draft Minutes 3-29-2012
Item 2 - 04/09/2012
Item 3 -04/09/2012
RSA Rules and Regulations
Response to Dissolution Audit
ROPS Certification Process (.ppt)
 Approved Minutes 4-9-2012
 3-29-2012 AB 26
Conflict of Interest Code
Orientation presentation
Sunnyvale RDA History presentation
 Approved Minutes 3-29-2012

Current Members

City of Sunnyvale

  • Tim Kirby, Director of Finance
    • Alternate Brice McQueen
  • Mary Bradley, Former Director of Finance (Retired)
    • Alternate Glenn Hendricks

County of Santa Clara

  • Heather Bilich
    • Alternate Miguel (Mike) Moreno
  • David Snow, Deputy Director, Facilities and Fleet Department
    • 1st Alternate Melissa Erickson
    • 2nd Alternate Debbie Cauble

CA Community Colleges: Foothill-DeAnza CCD 

  • Kevin McElroy, Vice Chancellor Business Services
    • Alternate Hector Quinonez

County Education, Sunnyvale School District

  • Matthew Tinsley, Sr. Research Analyst, Santa Clara County Office of Education (SCCOE)
    • Alternate Kolvira Chheng, Advisor, District Business and Advisory Services (DBAS) SCCOE


  • Linda LeZotte, Director - District 4, Board Chair
    • Alternate Richard Santos, District 3

 All terms expire in 2018.


City of Sunnyvale

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8 a.m. until 5 p.m.

(408) 730-7500

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