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Staff Advisory Committees

The City of Sunnyvale has 7 Staff Advisory Committees:

Advisory Committee on Accessibility (ACA)

The City of Sunnyvale's Advisory Committee on Accessibility (ACA) provides input to City staff on accessibility issues related to City services, programs and facilities.  Formed in 2005, the ACA and is consistent with the City of Sunnyvale's policies in the Socio-Economic Sub-element of the General Plan to:

1) Strive to assure that all residents have equal access to City services; and
2) Encourage programs and services that address the special needs of the disabled population and assure that disabled individuals have access to services.

Committee roles and duties include:

  • Identifying accessiblity issues;
  • Providing information to staff on changing needs of persons with disabilities in accessing City programs and services;
  • Helping staff to evaluate the effectiveness of City policies, services, programs and facilities related to accessibility;
  • Advising City staff and serving as a resources on accessibility matters;
  • Reviewing new facilities or major renovations of City public facilities (e.g., parks, parking lots, new construction) for accessibility issues;
  • Identifying people and organizations representing the disabled community with whom the City can communicate on a targeted basis; and
  • Serving as ambassadors to assist the City in developing and maintaining linkages to the disabled community.

The committee does not hold public hearings or recommend study issues to Council, but does propose recommendations to staff.  If you would like more information about ACA meetings or activities, please contact the program coordinator.

Information about the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and rescources for people with disabilities

Staff Liaison: Nathan Truitt, ADA Coordinator
(408) 730-7472

Columbia Neighborhood Center Community Advisory Committee (CNCCAC)

The Community Advisory Committee advises the Columbia Neighborhood Center administration and provides input on the CNC's services by:

Identifying community needs of the CNC service area;
Helping to evaluate the effectiveness of CNC services in the community,
Serving as a resources in effectively operating, planning and advertising CNC services and;
Assisting CNC staff with special projects

The CAC does not determine policy or direct staff regarding or related to the Columbia Neighborhood Center and its services. Download the CAC Information Sheet
Download here the CAC Application Form.

For more information, please contact Carolyn Lutticken at (408) 730-7806 or send an e-mail to Columbia Neighborhood Center.

Human Relations and Cultural Diversity Advisory Committee (HRCDAC)

The Human Relations and Cultural Diversity Advisory Committee (HRCDAC) was created by City Council to promote awareness, tolerance and understanding among Sunnyvale community members.  The committee advises staff on City programs and activities related to human relations and cultural diversity issues, including making recommendations on:

  • Methods to ensure that all residents are welcome in Sunnyvale and have equal access to City services and programs;
  • Ways to collaborate with community groups to create diversity-related educational programs;
  • Effective, creative strategies to encourage civic engagement of all community members;
  • Supporting staff efforts to build relationships with cultural groups and leaders in order to promote access to City services and community engagement;
  • Emerging human relations and cultural diversity issues and communit needs; and
  • Human relations and cultural diversity-related Study Issues for City Council consideration.  

Who is eligible to serve on the committee?
Community members living and/or working in Sunnyvale are encouraged to apply.
HRCDAC application

Staff Liaison: Nathan Truitt, Program Coordinator
(408) 730-7472

Senior Center Advisory Committee (SCAC)

Are you an active participant in programs, services, special events and/or clubs through the Sunnyvale Senior Center? If you would like to be more involved, the Senior Advisory Committee might be what you’re looking for. Senior Advisory Committee members listen to seniors in the Sunnyvale community and convey their ideas, suggestions, concerns, and questions to the staff at the Sunnyvale Center. Meetings are held on the second Monday in January, March, May, July, September and November from 1:00-3:00pm. To pick-up an application, or place an item on the agenda for an upcoming meeting, please stop by or contact the Senior Center at (408) 730-7360.

Teen Advisory Committee to the Recreation Division (T.A.C.)

The City of Sunnyvale's Teen Advisory Committee, also known as "T.A.C.", is a proactive group of dedicated high school students who spend their time volunteering with the Community Services Division to make Sunnyvale a great place to be a teen.  They advise staff on recreation events, activities, classes and volunteer opportunities for teens.  Members must be a Sunnyvale resident, attend high school in the general area, and show leadership qualities to gain a position on the committee.  Meetings are held most Wednesday evenings throughout their September-June term.  Recruitment for T.A.C. takes place mid-July to early-September.  For more information or questions regarding T.A.C., please contact Jesus Raygoza at (408) 730-7741. 


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