2017 Study Issues

The study issues process is ongoing. At any time, study issue topics can be proposed for consideration by councilmembers, board and commission members, members of the public and City staff. In order for a study issue to advance for Council consideration, however, it must be sponsored by at least two councilmembers, a majority of a Board/Commission, or the City Manager.

After study issue topics are sponsored, staff will develop a study issue paper for review and approval by the City Manager. As those study issue papers are approved by the City Manager, they will be posted here.

Public Hearing: January 10, 2017 RTC 17-0010: Annual Public Hearing - Discussion of Potential Council Study Issues and Budget Issues for Calendar Year 2017

To view the complete public hearing packet, use the link below:

Workshop: February 17, 2017 at 8:30 a.m.

To view the complete workshop packet, use the link below:


Council met on February 17, 2017 at 8:30 a.m. in the Council Chambers to identify study issue priorities for the 2017 calendar year and budget issues for the coming fiscal year.

The 2017 Study/Budget Issues Workshop rebroadcast is available for viewing online by visiting CouncilMeetings.inSunnyvale.com, select City Council in the drop-down menu.

2017 Study Issue Results (all departments)
Budget Issue Ranking Result

March 28, 2017 RTC 17-0156: Approve Study Issue Presentation Dates for Studies Recommended for Study in 2017 and Approve the Recommended Actions as Identified in the Fiscal Impact of this Report

Proposed Study Issues

Community Development
  • CDD 11-02 Downtown Development Policies for Parking
  • CDD 13-02 Consideration of Usable Open Space in Required Front Yards
  • CDD 15-04 Height Regulations to Accommodate Architectural Style
  • CDD 16-14 Exploring Options for Establishment of a Plaque Program for Heritage Resources
  • CDD 17-02 Increase Availability of Electric Vehicle Charging Stations in Private and Public Parking Facilities
  • CDD 17-03 Rent Stabilization for Mobile Home Parks
  • CDD 17-05 Consider Revising Certain Requirements of Sunnyvale Municipal Code Chapter 19.72: Mobile Home Park Conversions
  • CDD 17-06  Explore Introduction of a Rent Stabilization Ordinance
  • CDD 17-08 Evaluation of the Residential Single-Story Combining District Process
  • CDD 17-09 2017 Housing Strategy

Environmental Services

  • ESD 13-05C Eco-district Feasibility and Incentives
  • ESD 17-01 Eliminate the Use of Chemical Pesticides on City Owned or Leased Property
  • FIN 17-01  Evaluation of New Revenue Strategies to Fund New and Increasing Service Demands and/or Unfunded Capital Investments

Library and Community Services

  • LCS 17-02 Potential Membership in the Global Network of Age-Friendly Cities and Communities (GNAFCC)

Office of the City Manager

  • OCM 16-02 Consider Adoption of a Wage Theft Ordinance
  • OCM 17-01 Storing Outdoor Dining Furniture Overnight on Sidewalks on Murphy Avenue
  • OCM 17-02 Evaluate Proposing a Charter Amendment to Revise Section 604 regarding Filling Vacant Council Seats by Special Election

Public Safety

  • DPS 17-01 Regulation of Marijuana Cultivation in the City of Sunnyvale for Research and Development and Medical Marijuana Cultivation for Personal Use
  • DPS 17-02  Bicycle and Pedestrian Collision Analysis

Public Works

  • DPW 13-10C Pilot Bicycle Boulevard Project on East-West and North-South Routes
  • DPW 16-10 Consider Sunnyvale Municipal Code Amendments to Clarify, Strengthen and Enforce Tree Preservation and Tree Planting Requirements within Right of Way and Public and Private Property
  • DPW 17-01 Develop Implementation Standards for Cycle Tracks / Separated Bikeways
  • DPW 17-02 Develop Implementation Standards for “Bicycles May Use Full Lane” Regulatory Sign
  • DPW 17-05 Orchard Heritage Park and Heritage Park Museum - Analysis and Options for the Long-Term Operations and Maintenance of Orchard Heritage Park and Review of the Sunnyvale Historical Society and Museum Association Proposed Expansion of the Sunnyvale Heritage Park Museum Site
  • DPW 17-07 Develop Mobile Version of Sunnyvale Bicycle Map
  • DPW 17-11 Exploration of Creating Usable Open Space over Portions of Central Expressway
  • DPW 17-12 Evaluate the Development of a Class I Bicycle and Pedestrian Trail along Evelyn Avenue adjacent to the Caltrain Railroad Tracks, Between Sunnyvale and Mountain View
  • DPW 17-13 Investigate the Purchase of the Court House Property Located at 605 W. El Camino Real

No Study Issues Currently Proposed for 2017

  • Human Resources 
  • Information Technology 
  • NOVA Workforce Services 
  • Office of the City Attorney 

Studies Developed by Staff and Dropped or Deferred by Sponsoring Board or Commission

  • CDD 17-01 Evaluation of the Special Development Permit Process as it Relates to R-1.5 and R-1.7 Planned Developments - DROP
  • CDD 17-07 Review and Consider Increasing the Below Market Rate (BMR) Ownership Housing Requirement (Chapter 19.67 of the Municipal Code) - DROP
  • DPW 17-03 Update Mathilda Avenue Plan Line North of Washington Avenue - DROP
  • DPW 17-04 Update Bicycle Master Plan Every Five Years - DROP
  • DPW 17-06 Alternative Parking Strategies - DEFER
  • DPW 17-08 Develop and Adopt Design Standards for Bike Way-finding and Route Signs - DROP
  • DPW 17-09 Increase Bike Mode Share to 5% for Commuters by 2020 - DROP
  • DPW 17-10 Street Maintenance Roadway Re-Allocation - DEFER
  • LCS 17-01 Consider Development of a Teen Center and Other Spaces Dedicated to Teens in Sunnyvale - DEFER

Proposed Budget Issues

Budget Issue Ranking Result

Budget Issue #1 Lawrence Station Area Plan - Increased Housing Study and Sense of Place Plan

Additional Workshop Materials/Information

Updated 3/31/2017

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