Council Policy Manual

The City of Sunnyvale’s Council Policy Manual (CPM) is a compendium of policies established by City Council resolution or motion which provide guidelines for current or future City action. Such policies, when implemented, assist in achieving General Plan goals.

If you have questions about the Council Policy Manual in general, please contact the Office of the City Manager. If you have questions about a specific policy, please contact the “lead department” for that policy, as noted at the end of each policy.



1.0. Long-term Advocacy Positions - Land Use and Transportation

Policy 1.0.1 Land Use and Transportation — Goals, Policies and Action Statements (including Policy for the Allocation of Street Space)  Moved to General Plan

1.1. Land Use

Policy 1.1.2 Guidelines for Long-Term Outdoor Accessory Commercial Uses

Policy 1.1.3 Procedural Points and Processing of Development Requests

Policy 1.1.4 Council and Planning Commission Review of Land Use Decisions and Opportunity to Appeal

Policy 1.1.5 Jobs/Housing Imbalance

Policy 1.1.6 Operating Standards for Recycling Centers

Policy 1.1.7 Environmental Quality Regulations

Policy 1.1.8 Video Game Uses in Commercial Businesses

Policy 1.1.9 Sustainable Development and Green Buildings

Policy 1.1.10 Use of the Public Sidewalk on the 100 Block of South Murphy

Policy 1.1.11 Planned Development (PD) Combining District Use Guidelines

Policy 1.1.12 Maximum Standards for Small Lot Single Family Residential Developments

Policy 1.1.13 Review Criteria for Projects Greater Than 35% Floor Area Ratio (FAR)

Policy 1.1.14 Public and Private Street Rename Process and Criteria

Policy 1.1.15 Residential Transportation Demand Management

Policy 1.1.17 Donation Trailer for Used Household Goods

Policy 1.1.18 Public Outreach for Pending Land Use and Development Proposals

1.2. Transportation

Policy 1.2.2 Transportation Impact Mitigation

Policy 1.2.3 Bicycle Facilities on City Streets

Policy 1.2.4 Traffic Calming

Policy 1.2.5 Parking Enforcement

Policy 1.2.6 Roundabout Intersections

Policy 1.2.7 Acquisition, Leasing and Disposition of City-Owned Real Property


2.0. Long-term Advocacy Positions - Community Development

Policy 2.2.1 Open Space and Recreation Policies

Policy 2.2.3 School Open Space City/School Development

2.3. Housing and Community Revitalization

Policy 2.3.1 Housing and Community Revitalization — Goals and Policies  Moved to General Plan

Policy 2.3.2 Housing Incentive Fund

Policy 2.3.3 Strategies for Affordable Housing and the Use of Housing Mitigation Fees

Policy 2.3.4 Waiver for Occupancy Standards for Rental Property

2.4. Seismic Safety and Safety

Policy 2.4.1 Seismic Safety and Safety — Goals and Policies

2.5. Community Design

Policy 2.5.1 Community Design — Goals, Policies and Action Statements  Moved to General Plan

Policy 2.5.2 Banners


3.0. Long-term Advocacy Positions - Environmental Management

3.1. Water Resources

Policy 3.1.1 Water Resources — Goals, Policies and Action Strategies  Moved to General Plan

Policy 3.1.2 Metering of Water Utilities for Residential Condominiums

3.2. Solid Waste Management

Policy 3.2.1 Solid Waste Management — Goals and Policies

Policy 3.2.2 Reusable Diapers

Policy 3.2.3 Solid Waste Rate Restructuring Policy

Policy 3.2.4 Zero Waste

Policy 3.2.5 Prohibition on the Use of Expanded Polystyrene Food Service Products at Parks and Other City Facilities and City-Sponsored Events

3.3. Wastewater Management

Policy 3.3.1 Wastewater Management — Goals and Policies

3.4. Surface Runoff

Policy 3.4.1 Surface Runoff — Goals and Policies

3.5. Energy

Policy 3.5.1 Energy

3.6. Noise

Policy 3.6.1 Noise — Goals, Policies and Action Statements  Moved to General Plan

Policy 3.6.2 City Use of Powered Equipment

3.7. Air Quality

Policy 3.7.1 Air Quality — Goals, Policies and Action Statements  Moved to General Plan

Policy 3.7.2 Reduction of Carbon Dioxide Emissions from City Operations 


4.0. Long-term Advocacy Positions - Public Safety

4.1. Law Enforcement

Policy 4.1.1 Law Enforcement— Goals and Policies

Policy 4.1.2 Asset Forfeiture

4.2. Fire Services

Policy 4.2.1 Fire Services — Goals and Policies

4.3. Support Services

Policy 4.3.1 Support Services — Goals and Policies


5.0. Long-term Advocacy Positions - Socio-Economic

5.1. Socio-Economic

Policy 5.1.1 Socio-Economic — Goals and Policies

Policy 5.1.2 Child Care

Policy 5.1.3 Human Services

Policy 5.1.4 Incentives to Attract and Retain Businesses

Policy 5.1.5 Utilization of Local Workforce in Construction Projects


6.0. Long-term Advocacy Positions - Cultural

6.2. Library

Policy 6.2.1 Library — Goals and Policies

6.3. Heritage Preservation

Policy 6.3.1 Heritage Preservation — Goals, Policies and Action Statements Moved to General Plan

Policy 6.3.2 Neighborhood Characteristics of the Taaffe-Frances Heritage Neighborhood

6.4. Arts

Policy 6.4.1 Arts — Goals and Policies

Policy 6.4.2 Art Loans and Gifts

Policy 6.4.4 Art in Public Places


7.0. Long-term Advocacy Positions - Planning and Management

7.1. Fiscal

Policy 7.1.1 Fiscal — Long Range Goals and Financial Policies

Policy 7.1.2 Investment and Cash Management

Policy 7.1.3 Environmental Procurement

Policy 7.1.4 Budget Appropriation and Control

Policy 7.1.5 Grants, Donations, Contributions and Sponsorships

Policy 7.1.6 Customer Credit Security Program

Policy 7.1.7 Budget Issue Process

7.2. Community Engagement

Policy 7.2.1 Community Engagement — Goals and Policies

Policy 7.2.2 Public Posting of Notices at City Facilities

Policy 7.2.3 Council Handling of Resident Complaints on Residential Rental Issues

Policy 7.2.4 Relationships with Outside Groups

Policy 7.2.5 Relocation Appeals Board

Policy 7.2.15 KSUN-15 Programming

Policy 7.2.16 Telecommunications

Policy 7.2.17 Internet Use

Policy 7.2.18 Special Events

Policy 7.2.19 Boards and Commissions

7.3. Legislative Management

Policy 7.3.1 Legislative Management— Goals and Policies

Policy 7.3.4 Roles and Responsibilities of Mayor, Vice Mayor and Councilmembers

Policy 7.3.5 Municipal Employee Relations Officer

Policy 7.3.6 Service Delivery Options 

Policy 7.3.7 Standard Conflict of Interest Code

Policy 7.3.8 Posting of Agendas and Procedure for Confirming Proper Posting and Notice of Meetings

Policy 7.3.10 Mayor and Vice Mayor Selection

Policy 7.3.11 Seating Arrangements/City Council

Policy 7.3.15 Appointment of Interim Councilmembers

Policy 7.3.19 Council Meetings

Policy 7.3.20 Council Recognition of Individuals, Organizations and/or Events

Policy 7.3.21 Recognition of Elected and Appointed Officials and Visiting Dignitaries

Policy 7.3.22 Dedication Plaques for Public Buildings

Policy 7.3.23 Naming/Renaming Parks & Recreation Facilities

Policy 7.3.24 International Friendly Exchange Relations

Policy 7.3.25 Expenditure of Public Funds for Bottled Water

Policy 7.3.26 Study Issues Process

Policy 7.3.27 NASA Ames/Moffett Field

Policy 7.3.29 Council Labor Negotiations Guidelines

7.4. Policies Relating to Council Support and Processes

Policy 7.4.1 Provision of Staff/Administrative Support for Councilmembers

Policy 7.4.2 Council Equipment, Material, and Supplies

Policy 7.4.3 Council Activity Calendar and Meeting Schedule

Policy 7.4.4 Council Travel and Conferences

Policy 7.4.5 Ceremonial Events

Policy 7.4.6 Council Announcements and Speeches

Policy 7.4.7 Council Correspondence

Policy 7.4.8 Mayor and Council Mail, AnswerPoint Email, and Meeting Packets

Policy 7.4.9 Receiving and Responding to Community Member Inquiries and Concerns

Policy 7.4.10 Council Inquiries and Requests for Information and Records

Policy 7.4.11 Council Files

Policy 7.4.12 Council Appointments to Intergovernmental Agencies

Policy 7.4.13 Council Subcommittees and Council or Mayor-Created Advisory Task Forces

Policy 7.4.14 Legislative Advocacy Positions

Policy 7.4.15 Council Advocacy

Policy 7.4.16 Ballot Measure Positions

Council Action on League of California Cities (LCC) Positions

Note: Prior to 2010, LCC Positions on which Council took action were integrated into Council's Long-Term Advocacy Positions.


COUNCIL POLICY MANUAL EVOLUTION (Posting of document pending)

Updated 4-4-17



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