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City of Sunnyvale General Plan

The Sunnyvale General Plan is a fundamental tool in guiding the City through change and growth. It addresses the physical development of the City and, when used together with a larger body of City Council policies, provides direction for decision-making on City services and resources. It is both a long-range and a strategic planning document, containing long-term goals and policies for the next 10-20 years and strategic actions for the next five to ten years.  The General Plan contains the following chapters:

  1. Introduction
  2. Community Vision
  3. Land Use and Transportation
  4. Community Character
  5. Housing
  6. Safety and Noise
  7. Environmental Management 

Executive Summary

The Executive Summary is the master list of all the goals and policies in the General Plan. For further discussion or analysis, please see the individual chapters listed below.


The Introduction describes the purpose of the General Plan, topics and organization and how this plan is put into action.

Community Vision Chapter

  • Sunnyvale History
  • Current Community Conditions
  • Assets and Issues
  • Future Challenges
  • Values and Vision and Citywide Goals
  • Balanced Growth

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Land Use and Transportation Chapter

The Land Use and Transportation Element (LUTE) was adopted by the City Council on April 11, 2017 and will be formatted into the General Plan document shortly.
  • Land Use
  • Transportation
  • Economy
  • Open Space

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Community Character Chapter

  • Design
  • Heritage Preservation
  • Library
  • Arts
  • Recreation

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Housing Chapter

This chapter contains information about housing in Sunnyvale. It is a summary of the housing goals and policies, the complete text of the Housing and Community revitalization Sub-element is located at the right.

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Safety and Noise Chapter

  • Hazards and Disaster Preparedness and Response
  • Police, Fire and Emergency Services
  • Noise

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Environmental Management Chapter

  • Water Supply
  • Wastewater
  • Urban Runoff
  • Air Quality
  • Solid Waste

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General Plan News

The 2017 Draft Land Use and Transportation Element (LUTE) document is posted below and will be finalized per the City Council action and reformatted into the Land Use and Transportation Chapter of the consolidated General Plan shortly.


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