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Community Condition Indicators and Related Data

Community Condition Indicators (CCIs)

Community Condition Indicators provide an overview of the City activity in each department and/or service plus demographics. It also provides projected numbers for next fiscal year. 

Community Condition Indicators include information on the following:

  • Population and demographics
  • Jobs and employment statistics
  • Real estate and tax-base
  • Land use and transportation statistics
  • Housing unit information
  • Environment indicators

CCIs are updated annually every spring.

2016 CCI Report
2015 CCI Report
2014 CCI Report
2013 CCI Report
2012 CCI Report
2011 CCI Report
2010 CCI Report
2009 CCI Report
2008 CCI Report

Balanced Growth Profile

A challenge for the City is to maintain a reasonable balance between population growth and job growth, and between development and the infrastructure which supports it. The following is a Balanced Growth Profile, a planning tool which can be used to monitor growth and to determine the relative balance among the factors cited above.

The Balanced Growth Profiles show only the first five years of the 20-year planning period. The profile is extended one year each year, adding on the incremental growth from the preceding year. This profile assumes that Sunnyvale is in a reasonably balanced state in 2005. This is supported by the high level of satisfaction expressed by the population in the 2005 Resident Satisfaction Survey, by the adequate functioning of utilities, by the satisfactory level of service in traffic operation and by the lack of severe overcrowding in the schools.

See the following documents for further description of the Balanced Growth Profile and the update for each year.

2016 Balanced Growth Profile
2015 Balanced Growth Profile
2014 Balanced Growth Profile
2013 Balanced Growth Profile
2012 Balanced Growth Profile
2011 Balanced Growth Profile
2010 Balanced Growth Profile
2009 Balanced Growth Profile
2008 Balanced Growth Profile

The Community Condition Indicators reflect the changes adopted by City Council at the May 8, 2007 Council meeting as part of the “Transitioning from a Growth to a Steady-State City” RTC #07-154. This CCI report was modified to support and address the issue of growth and its potential impact on the economic vitality and quality of life in Sunnyvale.


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