Peery Park Development Projects

The following projects are those that have been approved or are currently under review by the City. Please contact the project planner if you have questions about one of these projects.

505 Mathilda Ave

On June 19, 2012, the City Council approved the redevelopment of a 14.2 acre multi-parcel site (Planning Project : 2012-7070, RTC 12-158) located at the corner of West Maude Avenue and North Mathilda Avenue (commonly known as 505 N. Mathilda Avenue.).  The site had consisted of a combination of seven one and two-story buildings that consisted of office and motel uses. The approval allowed for 612,072 square feet of research and development (R&D) office use divided into two six-story, one four-story and an existing three-story building.  Although the project site was already located on parcels which enabled increased development over the standard M-S zoning through the previously  designated zoning of MS-55% F.A.R. and MS-70% F.A.R, the Council action rezoned the site to enable 100% FAR for the site.

On November 12, 2012, the Planning Commission approved a modification to the entitlement (Planning Project:  2012-7711), which increased the site area to 15.3 acres and allowed for a fifth story on the previously approved four-story building facing W. Maude Avenue. The additional floor area resulted in a total of 670,136 square feet of R&D office area. Demolition and construction at the site began in February, 2013. 

Planning Commission Report for the revised project (11-12-13)  (2012-7711)

Report to City Council for Original Project (6-19-13) - Public Hearing Item #5 (RTC 12-158)

Feel free to contact the project planner Ryan Kuchenig by email or call 408-730-7431.

615, 696 & 767 N Mathilda Ave

The City has received applications from DiNapoli Companies Incorporated for these three sites on Mathilda Avenue:  The plans for each site are being processed concurrently and are still under review. Detailed site plans, building elevations including building heights are pending.  Several studies that are required for the Environmental Assessment of the proposed projects are also pending.  Please see below for specifics about each project site.

The projects require approval of a Design Permit/Special Development Permit, associated Parcel Maps, and approval of the environmental review by the City Council.  The projects will be reviewed/considered by the Planning Commission and City Council in the future. The exact dates have not been determined since several studies are still underway.

Updates on these projects will be posted on-line, included in Planning Commission and City Council Public Hearing Agendas, and public hearing notices will be mailed to properties located within 1,000 feet from the project sites.  Feel free to contact the project planner Shétal Divatia by email or call 408-730-7367.   

615 N. Mathilda Avenue (Planning Application 2013-7610)
This project is a 7.6 acre site which is bordered by Mathilda, Del Rey and Vaqueros Avenues and redevelops eight parcels, currently containing various businesses including McDonalds drive-thru restaurant, into a single site and would allow construction of two new 4-story R&D office buildings serviced by a new 5-level parking structure.  Each of the buildings will be 132,000 square feet in size with a total of 264,000 square feet of building area resulting in a development intensity of 80% FAR (Floor Area Ratio).  The site is zoned MS-70FAR that allows development intensity of up to 70% FAR.  Additionally the project proposes to utilize Sunnyvale’s Green Building Program that allows an additional 10% FAR for LEED Gold certification for a total of 80% FAR. 

767 N. Mathilda Avenue (Planning Application 2013-7610)
This project proposes to redevelop a 4.8 acre site that currently includes two parcels containing a restaurant/night club and an auto repair/bar business into one parcel and construct a new 6-story R&D office building serviced by a 4-level parking structure.  The proposed building will be 233,400 square feet in size resulting in 110 % FAR.  The site is zoned MS-100 FAR that allows development intensity of up to 100% FAR.  Additionally, the project proposes to utilize Sunnyvale’s Green Building Program that allows an additional 10% FAR for the LEED Gold certification for a total of 110% FAR. 

696 N. Mathilda Avenue (Planning Application 2013-7608)
This project site is located at the southeast corner of Mathilda and San Aleso Avenues and includes two parcels; currently containing an auto service business (fronting Mathilda Avenue) and light industrial businesses (fronting San Aleso Avenue).  The project proposes to combine these two parcels into one 43,381 square foot lot and construct a new one-story, 4,393 square foot restaurant with drive-thru facility.  This project proposes to relocate the existing McDonalds drive-through restaurant from across that street that will be removed from its current location by the project at 615 N. Mathilda Avenue. 


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