Current Projects and Studies

The Planning Division has many large development projects and policy studies in progress.

Development Projects Map

View the Development Projects Map

What's on the map?

Projects that require Planning Commission or City Council review (except for projects involving one single-family residence) are classified as major development projects. Information on major projects can be found by going to the City's interactive mapping tool (see basic instructions below).

What's not on the map?
Projects that go to the Zoning Administrator hearing or that are decided by staff without a hearing are not presented on the map. If you have questions about a minor project, email the Planning staff or call (408) 730-7444.

How often is the map updated?
The map will be updated about every 2-3 weeks and projects will stay on the map through the duration of the project (including construction) and will be removed within a year of the final inspection.

Helpful hints for using the mapping tool:

  • View specific project information either by clicking on a project dot or by using the query tool
  • Search for projects using the query tool ''. Search projects by application number; address; status; when a project was submitted; and in other ways.
  • Click on a colored dot to see project information and the City staff contact. Project information may also include a link to images of the proposal.
  • Click on the legend button to see the list of status colors. The colored dots indicate the "status" of a project (e.g. approved, under construction, etc.)
  • Zoom in and out on the map using the plus and minus symbols. Double-click on the map to zoom into a specific area.

Projects and Studies Scheduled for Public Hearing

Notices for upcoming public hearings are posted on the Current Public Hearings Web page at least 10 days prior to the hearing date and remain on that page through their appeal period (at least 15 days after the hearing).

Development Update

The Community Development Department maintains a spreadsheet of major development applications and projects where building permits have been issued on the Development Update web page.


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