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Housing Assistance for Renters

Below Market Rate Rental Housing Program

Below Market Rate (BMR) Rental Housing consists of a percentage of affordable rental units provided within some market-rate rental properties. BMR rental units are available to any lower-income applicant, but priority is given to those who currently live or work in Sunnyvale. Please review the income limits to determine if you qualify for this program. These limits are updated annually.

Tour all the affordable housing properties on the interactive Affordable Rental Housing Map in Sunnyvale

The list of apartment complexes with BMR rental units provides contact information, type of units available, and a map for your reference. Please note that the City does not maintain a waiting list for any BMR rental units. The property manager/agent at each apartment complex maintains a waiting list for their property and determines applicant eligibility. Please contact each complex directly for information about rental availability and how to submit a BMR Waiting List Application to each one. You must fill out a separate application for each apartment complex where you would like to rent, and submit it directly to the property management office of each complex. To learn more about the City's BMR Rental Program, please see:Chapter 19.69 of the Sunnyvale Municipal Code.

Apartment Size Maximum Rent

2016 Maximum BMR Rents



 1 Bedroom


 2 Bedroom


 3 Bedroom


 4 Bedroom


Affordable Rental Units (ARUs) in Density Bonus Developments

​​What are ARUs?
ARUs are affordable units provided within certain new market-rate rental developments ​where the developers ​​have ​agree​d​ to provide ARUs in exchange for a density bonus. All ARUs approved to date​ in Sunnyvale​ are restricted to be affordable to very low income tenants. The table below provides the rent limits for ARUs, which are slightly lower than the rent limits for BMR rental units, which are affordable to low income tenants.

Apartment Size Maximum Rent

2016 Maximum ARU Rents



 1 Bedroom


 2 Bedroom


 3 Bedroom


 4 Bedroom


A density bonus is a development incentive provided by State law that allows development projects to include more dwelling units than the zoning would otherwise allow, in exchange for providing affordable units. This incentive is intended to encourage the development of affordable housing.

Currently there are five developments in Sunnyvale that have agreed to provide ARUs. Several are under construction and two are nearly completed. Staff has conducted a lottery to establish a waiting list for the ARUs that are available for lease at this time. The lottery is now closed. After the initial lease-up, prospective tenants may contact the property management of each property to sign up on the waiting list for that development for future vacancies that may arise. For more information about ARUs, please email City Housing staff or call 408-730-7250. To be informed when future ARU leasing opportunities arise, please sign up on the BMR Interest List.

Subsidized Affordable Housing

Non-profit housing providers offer additional affordable housing options in Sunnyvale for lower-income renters. These properties were financed by various federal, state and/or local housing finance agencies, and are subject to a variety of rent and income limits. Some units are reserved for special needs households, such as elderly or disabled tenants. Please note that the City BMR requirements do not apply to these apartment complexes. Please contact each complex directly for information about their income limits and other eligibility requirements, application process, and maximum rents charged.

The Housing Choice Voucher Program, also known as Section 8 is administered by the Housing Authority of Santa Clara County. The Housing Authority provides rental subsidies for low income families, seniors and persons with disabilities living in Santa Clara County, including Sunnyvale residents. Please contact the Housing Authority directly for more information.

Supportive Housing Case Management program assists low-income families and Individuals or single parents with children living in specific Charities Housing Development Corporation apartments in maintaining their housing. Services include: counseling clients in their homes; helping clients access services they need; assessing client needs and resources, creating action plans and evaluating outcomes; and organizing community-building activities for residents of apartment buildings.

HomeFirst Services of Santa Clara County (formerly EHC Lifebuilders) provides short term emergency shelter, and transitional and long-term housing and supportive services for people facing homelessness or at risk of losing their current housing..

Sunnyvale Community Services is a nonprofit emergency assistance agency working to prevent homelessness and hunger for low-income families and seniors providing financial aid, food, and other support services.

Tenant Resources

Watch these short videos by the California Department of Real Estate to learn more about renting for the first time and establishing and maintaning good credit. Check our website frequently for new videos.


California Tenant
A guide to residential tenants' and landlords' rights and responsibilities. Published by the State of California Department of Consumer Affairs.

Project Sentinel provides tenant-landlord services to Sunnyvale residents. Residents and other community members may request assistance by calling Project Sentinel at (888) 324-7468, 408-720-9888 or visiting their office at 1490 El Camino Real, Santa Clara, CA 95050. There is no charge to residents for these services.

Tenants Together is a nonprofit organization dedicated to defending and advancing the rights of California tenants to safe, decent and affordable housing. Tenants Together also provides valuable information for tenants in foreclosure.

Asian Law Alliance is a nonprofit corporation assisting Asian/Pacific Islanders who are limited in English obtain decent housing who cannot afford legal fees and face the reality of discrimination.

BayLegal provides low-income households legal assistance related to housing.

Santa Clara County Mediation Program in the Office of Human Relation provides community mediation services that are community centric to individuals, families, schools, workplaces and neighborhoods and teaches and inspires the Santa Clara community to address conflict in a practical and peaceful manner. Community mediation services are available to all residents of Santa Clara County. The types of disputes which can be dealt with range from disturbing the peace, to disputes with landlords/tenants, and all points in between.

Senior Adults Legal Assistance (SALA) provides free legal services to Santa Clara County residents who are age 60 or older.

Home Improvement Program for Renters

Home Access Grant Program

The City of Sunnyvale offers grants to low-income disabled and/or senior residents to retrofit their rental unit to eliminate physical barriers and improve accessibility. This program requires the owners approval for participation.

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