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What You Should Know About Mobile Home Park Maintenance Inspection (MPM)

What you should know as a mobilehome park resident or owner to prepare for a Mobile Home Park Maintenance Inspection (MPM), and some of the common violations discovered.

Study of Sunnyvale Municipal Code (SMC) Chapter 19.72: Mobile Home Parks Conversion Ordinance

This study originated with study issue 09-07, which was intended to consider revisions to the City’s Zoning Code regarding conversions of mobile home parks to other uses. There are no mobile home parks proposed for closure at this time, and it is important to understand the purpose of the study is not to facilitate park closure, but only to study the current City ordinance regulating conversions. The intent of this study is to identify possible improvements to the existing ordinance.
While the original study issue was never ranked highly enough in the Citywide process to be undertaken, staff was able to incorporate this study as part of the general Community Development Department work program. The original study issue summary paper is being used to guide this study, consistent with the original intent. The City held several public outreach meetings in March and April 2011 to gather input from all those who might be interested in this study and its outcome, including park residents, managers, owners and others.
In April 2011, staff made study presentations to the Planning Commission and Housing and Human Services Commission. The City sent invitations to all mobile home parks in the City, asking residents to participate in the April 27 Housing and Human Services Commission meeting, and a larger number of people did attend. The public will have additional opportunities to participate and provide comments on this issue during public hearings before the Housing and Planning Commissions in July, and a Council hearing in September 2011.
The slide presentations and study description are available at the links below.

Council Action: On November 20, 2012, the City Council approved to amend the Sunnyvale Municipal Code, Chapter 19.72:Conversion of Mobile Home Parks to Other Uses.

Mobile Home Resources

What Every Mobilehome Owner Should Know - Brochure courtesy of CA Senate Office

Mobile Home Ombudsman

The Mobile Home Ombudsman receives and processes complaints from the public and from public officials related to living in manufactured homes and mobilehomes.

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