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Facility Reservations
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Field Rentals


Field Rentals

Turf Hotline / Field Closure Information: (408) 730-7585.

Reservation Start Dates Reservation Period
November 5, 2013 
December/ January/ February
February 12, 2014  March/April/May*
April 10, 2014  June/July/August
July 9, 2014  September/October/November
November 3, 2014 
 December/ January/ February
February 2, 2015 

June – August 2014 Exclusive Use Permit Limitations

*Permitted use is limited to a few days a week at the following fields for the 2014 June/July/August Reservation Period. 

Bishop School
Braly Park
Columbia Middle School
Cupertino Middle School
Ellis School
Fairwood School
Fair Oaks Park
Hollenbeck Park
Lakewood Park
Lakewood School
Las Palmas Park
Panama Park
Ponderosa School
Raynor Park
San Antonio Park
San Miguel School
Serra Park
Stocklmeir School
Sunnyvale Middle School
Vargas School
Washington Park
West Valley School

Please see the Parks Information Bulletin for more information on field closures and permit limitations.

Procedure for renting field space

  1. Obtain field application from Sunnyvale Community Center by calling (408) 730-7721, or download and print an application online.

  2. Completed applications should be faxed to (408) 730-7757 or sent to the address below:
    Drop-off  Fax, Email or Mail-in (2nd priority)
    Sunnyvale Community Center
    550 E. Remington Drive
    Sunnyvale, Ca. 94087
    Attn: Marlon Cruz
    Sunnyvale Community Center
    PO Box 3707
    Sunnyvale, Ca. 94087-3707
    Attn: Marlon Cruz
    Email: mcruz@sunnyvale.ca.gov

  3. Field rental application must be submitted at least ten business days before the first day requested.

  4. The field reservation coordinator will respond to a completed field rental application within three business days
  5. Applications will be consider on a first-come, first-serve basis. Applications received before reservation start date (listed above) will be considered after all other applications received on the first day of the reservation period. Mail-in applications will be accepted on a second priority basis.

  6. Incomplete applications will not be considered (including credit card information)

  7. If you are a Sunnyvale resident, a copy of proof of residency must be attached to application. Acceptable forms of identification: drivers' license, utility bill, or phone bill.

  8. To reserve on behalf of a company or organization, please indicate which group you'll be representing.

  9. There is a two-hour minimum for field reservations.

  10. If all requests can be accommodated, your credit card will be charged the appropriate fee and your reservation permit and receipt will be mailed to you.

  11. Once permitted, please review the Field Regulations and contact the turf hotline (408) 730-7585 to check the status of the field.  Play on a closed field that cause unreasonable wear or damage may result in the loss of the current and future reservations.

Note: A binder that shows all reservable City fields will be available at the Community Center front counter. For general questions, please call (408) 730-7721.

Rental Fees

 Resident Fees
Field without lights (per individual field) $25 per hour or
$175 per day maximum
Field with lights $60 per hour
 Non- Resident Fees
Field without Lights (per individual field) $40 per hour or
$280 per day maximum
Field with lights $75 per hour

Basketball Court Fees
Fair Oaks Park (3 Courts) 
$10 per hour per court
Washington Park (2 Courts)
$10 per hour per court


City of Sunnyvale

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