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For athletic field conditions, please call (408) 730-7585.


Sunnyvale Parks and Open Space

The Neighborhood Parks and Open Space Management Program maintains over 476 acres of Parks, open space and boulevard landscaping to keep them hazard-free, usable and attractive for residents and the business community. The Sunnyvale Park system was designed with the goal that every neighborhood would be within walking distance of a park. Many of Sunnyvale's Neighborhood Parks have a theme which makes each Park unique. Sunnyvale's Parks range from small "mini" or "pocket" parks to Baylands Park which is 177 acres. We hope that you visit and enjoy all of Sunnyvale's Parks!

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Water Conservation
Seven Seas Park
Swegles Park Playground Project Update
Orchard Gardens Park Expansion Update
San Francisco Bay Trail
Be a Parks Volunteer
Map of Sunnyvale Parks

Water Conservation

The Sunnyvale Parks Division (Parks, Golf & Street Trees) is making a concerted and ongoing effort to conserve water by utilizing a variety of best management practices. Council has required a 15% reduction in water use when compared to the previous year's use and the Parks Division has saved 26% from July 2014 through March 2015. Be aware that savings are calculated collectively and water use may vary from park to park depending upon the features in each one and their use. In each park some features that use water may be operative while others are not.  For example, Serra Park has a pond and creek that is not filled with water while the children's water play area next to the playground is functional. In this case the difference is the primary purpose of the feature, the pond is meant to enhance the attractiveness of the park and the water play feature is provided for recreational use.

Please help us by reporting any water leaks or related problems by calling (408) 730-7506 or by email at Parks. Report leaks or broken irrigation or plumbing after regular work hours to the Department of Public Safety at (408) 730-7180. Note that although irrigation is done at night, it is occasionally done during the day while troubleshooting and repairing problems with the irrigation system.

Seven Seas Park 

Sunnyvale's newest park, Seven Seas Park is located at 1010 Morse Ave. Park features include a fenced dog park, two playgrounds, 1/2 basketball court, tennis court, spray pool, a multi-use field, picnic tables, two barbecues and restrooms. The picnic sites are all non-reservable and available on a first come, first serve basis. The park was designed as a neighborhood park according to council approved design guidelines and is intended to primarily serve the local community that is within walking or bicycle distance of the park.

Swegles Park Playground Project Update

Construction for a new playground at Swegles Park began on April 7. View the Swegles Park Conceptual Plan for the design and artist rendering of the playground equipment. Construction is scheduled to be completed by early summer. For more information regarding the design or construction for the project, please contact Project Engineering at (408) 730-7605. For all other questions, please contact the Parks Division at (408) 730-7506.

Orchard Gardens Park Expansion Project Update

Construction for the Orchard Gardens Park expansion project began on February 2 and is scheduled for completion later this summer. The first phase of construction will be the demolition and removal of three City-owned homes on Garner Drive.

One purpose of the project is to create a gateway to the western end of the John W. Christian Greenbelt. An interpretive sign about the greenbelt will be installed in the park.

  • View the Report to Council and design concept plan approved by the City Council in November of 2013.
  • For more information regarding the design or construction for the project, please contact Project Engineering at (408) 730-7605.
  • For all other questions, please contact the Parks Division at (408) 730-7506.

San Francisco Bay Trail

The San Francisco Bay Trail has been connected throughout the South Bay! Thanks to the efforts of many agencies and individuals the "Moffett Connector" was opened in September 2010. The best access to the Bay Trail in Sunnyvale is the trailhead located near the Water Pollution Control Plant off Borregas Avenue and Caribbean Drive. This trail head has portable restrooms, a water fountain, and plenty of free parking. You can take the Bay Trail to the north and see unparalleled vistas of the Dumbarton and San Mateo Bridges or to the south and the historic Alviso Marina. Here is a map of the Bay Trail with the Moffett Connector -- New Bay Trail Map.

Be a Parks Volunteer!

Sunnyvale encourages either individuals or groups of any size to volunteer for an on-going project or a one-time event. Groups can contact the Parks Division at (408) 730-7506. Individuals can contact Volunteer Services (408) 730-7533 or register at Featured Volunteer Opportunities.

 Map of Sunnyvale Parks

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Hot Topics

Parks at a Glance:  List of all Sunnyvale Parks.

Baylands Discovery Playground is now open!

Renovated Las Palmas Dog Park to Reopen on Saturday, June 27
The renovated Dog Park at Las Palmas Park will reopen on Saturday, June 27th.

Community Center Pond Draining
The Community Center Pond will be drained within the next 30 days due to water restrictions and remain empty until the drought is over and water restrictions are lifted. The City will be working with the California Department of Fish and Wildlife to relocate any fish, turtles or other aquatic wildlife inhabiting the pond to an appropriate habitat.  

Las Palmas Spray Pool Closed
The spray pool at Las Palmas Park is closed for the picnic season. The spray pools at Braly, Fair Oaks, Lakewood, Ortega, Serra and Seven Seas Park are open daily from 10 a.m. - 6 p.m. View instructions on how to activate the controls for the spray pools.

Sunnyvale Open Space Inventory
List of Sunnyvale's open space.

The City of Sunnyvale Parks Division strives to provide open space that is safe, attractive and usable for the community. You can help us care for the Parks by participating in the following programs: 

Parks Watch Program
Parks is asking nearby neighbors and park users to keep an eye out for acts of vandalism, crimes or maintenance issues that may occur at the Park and call:

• 911 for crimes in progress, such as persons damaging buildings, windows, picnic tables or public drunkenness.
• Call the Parks office at (408) 730-7506, Monday - Friday, 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. to report vandalism, graffiti or maintenance issues in Sunnyvale Parks.

• After 4 p.m. on weekdays and during the weekend, call Public Safety at (408) 730-7180 for non-emergency situations or maintenance issues like broken water pipes or inoperable restroom fixtures.

Bay Trail: Looking for a great jogging / walking trail? Explore the Bay Trail in Sunnyvale!

Looking for a good bike map? Bike road map from VTA.


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