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Solid Waste Facilities Design; Construction and Demolition; and Hauling Requirements

The Solid Waste Division of the Environmental Services Department administers the contracts for collection of waste and recycling, the Sunnyvale Materials Recovery and Transfer Station (SMaRT Station®) operations, and oversees a number of other environmental programs. Additionally, the division coordinates with Community Development and Public Works on planning and building review as well as with other City departments on municipal code compliance issues as they relate to solid waste.

The following are common waste and recycling management topics relating to development review and municipal code compliance, with links to additional detail. More information is available by contacting the Solid Waste Answer Point at (408) 730-7262 or the One-Stop Permit Center (408) 730-7444.

Development Guidelines for Solid Waste & Recycling

Please review guidelines for commercial, mixed use and industrial projects or guidelines for multi-family residential projects prior to the first plan submittal to ensure that the design incorporates adequate vehicle access, enclosure location, size and other design requirements required for all projects. Waste management design guidelines for townhomes and high-rise apartments, review the Townhome Solid Waste Requirements.  Contact the Department of Public Works at (408) 730-7415 for details.

All projects are required to use the Demolition and Construction Debris Management Report form to track all salvaged, reused, recycled or disposed material from demolition or construction activities.  At completion of project, reports should be submitted to Karen Gissibl.

Debris Box and Hauling Requirements

Requirements for collection and disposal of materials from construction, demolition and cleanup projects:

Exclusive Collection Franchise

In Sunnyvale, collection of solid waste — which includes construction and demolition debris (C&D) — is provided through an exclusive franchise with Specialty Solid Waste & Recycling (Specialty)*. Residents and businesses in Sunnyvale are required to subscribe to collection service with Specialty through the City’s Utilities Division at (408) 730-7400. Or, in the case of a new development project without an active water and sewer account, Specialty should be contacted directly to order service at (408) 565-9900. [SMC 8.16.170

Residential Cleanup, Construction and Remodeling Projects

Residential property owners or tenants may not contract with a company other than Specialty Solid Waste & Recycling for solid waste disposal*. Order debris boxes or other services through the City's Utilities Division at (408) 730-7400. For locations without an active City water/sewer account, call Specialty directly at (408) 565-9900.

*Limited exceptions apply — see the list of exclusions in SMC 8.16.110

Non-Residential Projects: Construction and Demolition, Tenant Improvement or Cleanup

Solid Waste Management

Solid waste — e.g., construction and demolition  —  from non-residential projects must be disposed of in containers provided by the City's franchised hauler*, Specialty Solid Waste & Recycling, and projects must maintain the service as long as solid waste is being generated. (Sunnyvale Municipal Code 8.16.030)

For a location with an active water account, contact City Utilities to order service at (408) 730-7400. Otherwise, call Specialty directly at (408) 565-9900.

Recyclable Material

Recyclable material (e.g., wood, metal or concrete) that is separated from solid waste at the job site for purposes of sale, may be hauled by an independent commercial recycling service*, provided the following conditions are met: 

  • The recycling service purchases the recyclable material from the generator and does not charge a fee for collection, hauling, processing or other services (Exclusion to 8.16.170, 8.16.110(d)).
  • A container or containers serviced by Specialty Solid Waste & Recycling is on site and being used for all solid waste.
  • The purchased recycled material is actually recycled or reused, and is neither disposed of, nor used as 'alternative daily cover' (ADC) at any landfill.
  • The recycler has a valid Sunnyvale business license
  • Recycling containers are clearly identified with the name and phone number of the company servicing them.

Projects that fail to follow requirements for solid waste and recycling collection may be subject to penalties and fees (per Sunnyvale Municipal Codes 8.16.170 and 8.16.180). For additional information regarding collection and disposal requirements, contact the Solid Waste Division of the Environmental Services Department at (408) 730-7262. 

* Limited exceptions apply. See the list exclusions in SMC 8.16.110. Licensed contractors with a valid contract for construction or demolition may fill out a Declarations form to self-haul material from project site.

SMaRT Disposal and Diversion Rate

Construction, demolition and general clean-up debris is disposed of at the SMaRT Station, 301 Carl Road in Sunnyvale, where a very high percentage of construction and demolition material is recovered for recycling. If diversion information is needed for project certification (e.g., for LEED),  contact the Solid Waste Division of the Environmental Services Department at (408) 730-7262.

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