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Electronic Recycling (E-Waste/Universal Waste)

There is a special category of hazardous waste known as electronic (e-waste) or "universal waste" which must not be disposed in garbage or recycling carts. Universal waste is hazardous upon disposal, but poses a lower risk to people and the environment than other types of household hazardous waste such as chemicals, cleaning products and paint. Universal hazardous waste includes electronic items such as:

  • fluorescent bulbs, tubes and coils (mercury-containing products) (disposal limit 20 per trip)
  • televisions and computer monitors (disposal limit 4 per trip)
  • computers and peripherals
  • microwaves and small household appliances
  • cell phones
  • holiday light strands

The general rule of thumb is that any electronic device with a circuit board or plug should be considered universal/electronic waste and disposed following the universal waste disposal guidelines.

Electronic/Universal Waste Disposal Options

  • SMaRT Station- Sunnyvale, Mountain View and Palo Alto residents may drop-off e-waste/universal waste at no-cost disposal at the SMaRT Station®  located at 301 Carl Road, Sunnyvale.
  • On-Call Collection - Single family service residents may call (408) 730-7400 to make an appointment for curbside collection of household electronics. (Fluorescent bulbs, coils and tubes are not collected at the curb.)  
  • Santa Clara County - E-waste Events are held from time to time, view their listings for approved e-waste recyclers and possible event dates. 
  • Center for the Development of Recycling (CDR) offers Countywide listings for disposal and recycling options of many items. 

Do not place universal/e-waste or other hazardous waste in your garbage, recycling or yard trimmings carts!

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