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Choice Collect FAQs

Q. What is the On-Call Collection program?

A. The On-Call Collection program is a special garbage collection service offered to residents of single-family, duplex, triplex and mobile homes. Each year, residents may schedule two, no-cost pick ups of non-hazardous material that will be collected on regular service days. Residents may set out up to two cubic yards of extra trash, bagged, boxed or otherwise contained, including electronics, PLUS two bulky items, such as appliances or furniture.

Q. How do you schedule an On-Call Collection appointment?

A. Contact Utilities Customer Service at (408) 730-7400,  or TDD (408) 730-7501, before 2 p.m. the day prior to your service day. Please provide a brief description of items you want picked up.

Q. Will the extra dumping weekends events in the spring and fall still be open to single-family residents at the SMaRT Station®?

A. Yes, residents may still dispose of items at the SMaRT Station during these events, at no additional charge.

Q. How can I dispose of just a little extra garbage, rather than use one of my On-Call pick ups?

A. Special family occasions or just cleaning up around the house can generate extra garbage that may not fit in your cart. For extra bags of garbage that do not fit inside your garbage cart, apply a $6.00 extra garbage bag tag to each bag and place it next to your garbage cart. The bag may not exceed 30 pounds and or 35 gallons in capacity.

Q. What are the garbage service rates and sizes for each cart?

A. Go to garbage service rates and cart sizes.

Q. May I use a 32-gallon can for garbage?

A. No, only the wheeled garbage carts available from your hauler, Specialty Solid Waste & Recycling, are to be used for garbage. However, there are two other options for using a 32-gallon can:

  • For extra yard trimmings that don't fit inside your green yard trimmings cart, you may place the extra material in a 32-gallon can and place it curbside next to your yard trimmings cart on your regular collection day . On request, Specialty will send you a "Yard Trimmings" sticker for the can to indicate that the can contains yard trimmings, call them at (408) 565-9900.
  • If you schedule an On-Call Collection, you may use a 32-gallon can for extra garbage as long as its weight does not exceed 70 pounds.
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