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Multi-Family Recycling

AB 341 - Mandatory Recycling for Multi-family Communities

Properties consisting of four or more housing units receive multi-family residential garbage services, and those communities of five or more units must provide recycling services according to AB 341 mandates. The City and its franchised hauler, Specialty Solid Waste & Recycling, and apartment owners/managers may tailor their recycling collection program to best serve residents' needs. If you are interested in learning more about reducing garbage and related costs at your property, establishing an effective recycling program or just want to manage waste more efficiently, email us!  

The City developed a new outreach program for all currently non-recycling communities of five or more units in order to help them comply with AB 341. Property owners and managers have been notified of the roll-out of the new recycling program which began in the summer of 2014. If your property falls into this category and you have not received notification, please contact the Recycling Program to get the information you need to participate and comply with legislation. 

Have Residents Moving Out?

Most abandoned garbage and large items occur during move-outs. Download and print these tips to help tenants recycle, donate or sell items they don't want to take with them. Disposal and recycling information may help reduce abandoned waste in your waste collection areas and reduce illegal disposal of hazardous materials in your waste receptacles. 

What to Recycle Where

As with single-family customers who sort their recyclables into a split cart, multi-family residential recycling is a two-cart system for dual stream collection: one cart for paper, and one cart for metal, glass and plastic #1 - #7 food and beverage containers.
  • Dark Blue cart for newspapers, phone books, cereal, cake mix (paperboard boxes) with any plastic liners removed, junk mail, magazines, catalogs, paper bags, toilet or paper towel rolls and non-metallic gift wrapping paper. Shredded paper-if you shred paper at home, please put into paper bag and staple shut before placing in recycling cart. Small pieces of cardboard are accepted in paper recycling carts.
  • Light Blue cart for glass, aluminum, steel or bi-metal cans, milk, juice and soup cartons, plastics #1—#7 and clean aluminum foil. Lightly rinse or wipe out containers prior to recycling. Remove and recycle lids with containers.
Corrugated cardboard - Large boxes must be must be flattened and placed inside garbage bins, neatly stacked inside enclosures, or placed inside dedicated cardboard bins. Cardboard placed in garbage bins is sorted and recycled at the SMaRT Station.

Items that are NOT recyclable and need to be disposed as garbage:

  • Aerosol cans (empty of product and air pressure before throwing into garbage);
  • All hinged plastic containers;
  • Expanded polystyrene (EPS) foam food trays or carry-out hinged containers; 
  • Any plastic or wax-coated paper items;
  • Pyrex, tempered glass, mirror glass, drinking glass and ceramic containers; and
  • Paper with metallic content  (gift cards or wrapping paper).

Items that can be recycled at the SMaRT Station at no cost:

  • Electronics (printers, TVs and monitors (limit 4); 
  • Small electronic appliances;
  • Cell phones;
  • All battery types (household and automotive);
  • Fluorescent bulbs, tubes or coils (limit 20)
  • Mercury-containing products (thermometers, thermostats);
  • Used motor oil* and filters, antifreeze*: and 
  • Cooking oil* 
* Limit 10 gallons in 5-gallon containers or smaller.

Additional Recycling Resources

Do not place electronics of any kind or household hazardous waste in your garbage or recycling cart!

*Not all multi-family complexes allow motor oil to be changed on site. Check with the property owner/manager of your complex to see if it is allowed. If so, Specialty Solid Waste & Recycling can provide a blue metal used motor oil recycling box containing one gallon plastic jugs for the oil, and heavy zip-locked plastic bags for drained filters.Contact Specialty for more information at (408) 565-9900.

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