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Schools Recycling and Garbage Services

Most of the material that can be recycled on school campuses is paper and, if beverage vending machines are on campus, plastic metal and glass containers can also be recycled. Recycling services are included in the fees paid for garbage service.  Learn what options are available for weekly service as well as extra service you may need during special events by calling the Recycling Program at (408) 730-7262. 

Maybe you don't need to throw it away! There are many waste reduction opportunities available to schools, including:

  • reducing lunch waste;
  • composting food scraps;
  • collecting old athletic shoes; and
  • getting money from spent ink and toner cartridges.

School Presentations

Schools are invited to contact the City Recycling Program to schedule classroom and/or staff presentations. Students will learn about natural resources used to make paper and metal, glass and plastic food and beverage containers, why recycling is so important to our environment and what they can do to recycle more and throw away less. City staff will also provide information to staff and work with them to increase their recycling and decrease the cost of garbage services at their school. School administrators are welcome to contact City Recycling staff to create a School Recycling and Waste Reduction Program, establish a Green Team made up of students, teachers and staff, and institute a recycling program that really works! 

Operation Clean Slate, When the School Year Is Over

At the end of the year, teachers clean out their classrooms and often need additional recycling carts to handle all the excess materials they no longer need. Simply contact the Recycling Program to arrange delivery of temporary recycling carts to handle excess materials and keep them out of the landfill. Garbage services can also be reduced during holiday and summer vacation times and that can mean significant savings to school districts. Contact the Recycling Program to discuss service options, or simply contact Utilities Customer Service at (408) 730-7400 to adjust service frequencies during these times. We're here to help!

Buy Recycled

Buying recycled content products made from recycled materials is the best way to close the loop on the recycling effort. Recycled content paper is one easy choice to make, but there are many other products available as well. The California state board of waste reduction and recycling, CalRecycle, offers a number of ideas and options to make using recycled content product easy. 

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