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Recycling Collection Service Options

Schools in Sunnyvale are charged commercial rates for garbage service based on the size and number of bins and frequency of collection requested. Any level of garbage service includes paper and container recycling bins and collection service at no additional charge. The annual School Recycling Services flyer offers recycling information as well as resources for teachers, download and print your own flyer to post in waste collection areas.

You may request any of the following recycling collection services:

Recycling Carts - No fee for service. 

Schools are responsible for placing recyclables in either paper or container recycling carts and for placing these carts at your garbage enclosure area or at the curb for collection. The recycling carts are emptied by Specialty Waste on each Tuesday.

  • 32- or 64-gallon Carts for Mixed Paper
    • Use this convenient sign (also available in Spanish) to post on your paper recycling container in your classroom.
  • 96-gallon Carts for Food and Beverage Recycling
    • Use this bottle and can recycling sign, also available in Spanish, for your cart. Bottles and cans that have California Redemption Value (CRV) and are placed inside City carts become City property. Schools that wish to use CRV bottles and cans for school programs or othe purchases must use their own containers for collection.

3 or 6 Cubic Yard Cardboard Bin Rentals for Corrugated Cardboard: 

We accept flattened, clean corrugated cardboard only. No packaging, waxed cardboard, or cardboard contaminated with food such as pizza boxes or liquids are unacceptable in corrugated cardboard bins. Cardboard is picked up weekly on Tuesday by Specialty Solid Waste & Recycling. Current monthly rental rates are as follows:

  • 3 cubic yard Bin - $20.73
  • 6 cubic yard Bin - $23.34

Services Available for Special Events - No fee for service

  • Use of Recycling and Garbage Containers: 

The City of Sunnyvale can provide cardboard garbage containers and Clear Stream recycling containers for use at your special events. Delivery and pick up of the containers, as well as liners, are provided free of charge. Your school is responsible for disposing of any garbage generated by your event. The City can pick up recyclables or they can be recycled by the event coordinators.

  • Athletic Shoe Reuse and Recycling:

The City of Sunnyvale can provide flyers, recycling containers, service and signage for collecting athletic shoes at your special event (e.g. school walk-a-thons). You can always contact Nike's Reuse a Shoe program to support your athletic shoe recycling program.


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