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Single Family Recycling

Residents living in single-family, duplex, triplex or mobile homes receive curbside recycling and yard trimmings collections as part of their garbage collection service - the ChoiceCollect program. Each residential unit is provided with a split-lid recycling cart for mixed paper and containers, and a 64- or 96-gallon cart for yard trimmings.

Recycling at the Curb: Split Cart, Split Truck


What to Recycle in the Split-Lid Recycling Cart  

  •  Paper - Green-lid side of cart
    • Mixed paper, catalogs, junk mail, paperboard, cereal boxes, tissue boxes, newspaper, magazines, paperback books, phone books, colored paper, office paper, gift wrap (no metallic papers), manila folders
    • Shredded paper: put into a paper bag and staple shut before placing in recycling cart.
  • Containers - Blue-lid side of cart 
    • Glass, metal, aluminum cans, clean aluminum foil and plastic bottles and tubs (stamped with #1 to #7) 
    • NEW!  Cartons: milk, juice, soup
    • No clamshells (hinged containers), no black plastics, no plastic bags or plastic film and no "foam" plastics
    • No ceramics, glass baking dishes (like Pyrex) or drinking glasses

What if I have More Recyclables or Yard Trimmings Than Will Fit in My Cart?


  • Paper:  Put additional recyclable paper in paper bags labeled "PAPER" next to recycling cart on collection day.
  • Containers:  Put additional recyclable containers in paper bags labeled "CONTAINERS" next to recycling cart on collection day.
  • Yard Trimmings:  Place additional customer-supplied 32-gallon cans, labeled "yard trimmings", next to the yard trimmings cart for collection. Branches less than six inches in diameter and 4 feet long or shorter may be bundled (1 foot or less in diameter) and placed next to yard trimmings cart on collection day.
Other Curbside Recyclables
  • Batteries
    • Household/rechargeable batteries, positive ends taped, place inside zip-locked bag
    • Place on top of split recycling cart
  • Corrugated Cardboard
    • Tape/tie cardboard in bundles no larger than 30" x 30" x 6"
    • Place next to recycling cart
  • Used Motor Oil/Filters  
    • Use clean one gallon CLEAR plastic containers with screw-top lids
    • Drain oil filters, place in CLEAR zip-locked bag
    • Call Utilities Customer Service at (408) 730-7400 to request a container/bag if needed
    • Place next to recycling cart
    • After pick-up, a replacement container/bag will be provided by the collection driver
  • Yard Trimmings 
To ensure service, place recycling and garbage carts at curbside by 7 a.m. on scheduled service days, leaving 2 feet of space between each cart where possible. Stow garbage and recycling carts from public view after service.

Recycling Options and Information

  • SMaRT Station® Recycling Center - Accepts scrap metal, cardboard, textiles, paper, recyclable containers, holiday lights, batteries, fluorescent bulbs, computers and other e-waste, small appliances at no cost for drop-off, 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. 7 days a week.
  • Current ReNews - Sunnyvale's Environmental Newsletter (found inside each Quarterly Report)
  • A-Z Recycling - "How do I recycle . . . ?" - recycling resource guide
  • Current Recycling Events Calendar - take advantage of no-cost recycling events

Garbage, recycling or yard waste carts that contain any hazardous waste or electronics will not be serviced.

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