Five Million and More Reasons to Save Energy

Sunnyvale is a semifinalist in the Georgetown University Energy Prize, a 2-Year National Energy Usage Reduction Challenge with a $5 million dollar prize purse.
Take action now to get ENERGIZED!


Silicon Valley Community Choice Energy Partnership

Sunnyvale is partnering with Cupertino, Mountain View, and County of Santa Clara to explore a new energy option for residents and business. Learn more at


Water Pollution Control Plant Infrastructure

Sunnyvale’s Water Pollution Control Plant treats and cleans wastewater from Sunnyvale businesses and homes prior to discharge into the San Francisco Bay. At almost sixty years old, the Plant began undergoing major construction and much needed upgrades in fall 2014.


The SMaRT Station

​The SMaRT Station accepts recyclable materials and self-hauled garbage from residents and businesses in Sunnyvale, Mountain View and Palo Alto.


Sunnyvale has Zero Waste goals!

The work of the Recycling Program supports the Zero Waste Strategic Plan adopted by the City Council in 2013. Sunnyvale has achieved a current rate of 66% diversion from landfill and the goal is 90% by 2030. Photo credit: Bill Watson


Compost Available Free to Residents

Yard trimmings that are collected from residents are composted and returned to the SMaRT Station for use by residents of Sunnyvale, Mountain View, Palo Alto and Los Altos.  96 gallons per week maximum, bring your own containers and shovel.  Available 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. seven days a week. Photo credit: Bill Watson


2016 Earth Day School Poster Contest

REGISTER your K-8th grade student artists for the 2016 "MY GREEN EARTH" poster contest. Posters due April 5. Winners honored at City Council May 3! 
See contest Guidelines, print your own labels.



With California in the midst of an historic drought, and snow levels at the lowest level ever recorded, the Sunnyvale City Council on May 12th adopted a resolution declaring a 30 percent water reduction target through June 30, 2016.


  • Environmental Services


City Hall
456 W. Olive Ave.
Sunnyvale, CA 94086

Mailing address:
Environmental Services
P.O. Box 3707
Sunnyvale, CA 94088-3707

Phone: (408) 730-7900
Contact us

Hours: M-F 8 a.m. to 5 p.m



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Environmental Services Department

Environmental Services is charged with maintaining the City's potable and recycled water systems, the sanitary and storm sewer systems, the treatment of wastewater, the collection of garbage from City residents and business and the diversion of recyclables, ensuring that the City complies with all applicable regulatory requirements, and helping to advance the City's sustainability goals.

Stay informed! 


Cool Water Wash

About 90 percent of the energy used by clothes washers is used to heat the water – with modern high efficiency machines and detergents, clothes will turn out clean and fresh on cold water settings. For extra efficiency, remember to only wash full laundry loads!

Saving water also saves energy

Most showerheads use 2.5 gallons of water per minute. Purchase a low-flow showerhead (or better yet, get a FREE showerhead from borrowing a DIY Energy Kit!) and cut that rate almost in half! You’ll save about a gallon of water per minute, plus save the energy needed to treat, transport, and heat that water.

Consider Going Solar

If you’d like to reduce your greenhouse gas emissions significantly, consider installing solar panels on your home. There are many financing options available for covering the upfront cost, and a free home consultation with a local solar company can assess whether solar is right for your home. What’s even better: homeowners receive a 30% federal tax credit until December 2016.

Laptop Computers Use Less Energy

If you’re in the market to buy a new computer, consider purchasing a laptop instead of a desktop. Not only can laptops run on battery power, they use up to 80% less electricity than their stationary counterparts.

Home Energy Audits

This new year, make a resolution to see just how energy efficient your home is – and how much money you can save. A home energy audit conducted by a professional can assess where your home is losing energy and can offer solutions to improve your home’s energy efficiency, safety, and comfort. Call a Bay Area Home Upgrade Advisor at (866) 878-6008 for FREE to get started.

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City of Sunnyvale

  • Sunnyvale City Hall

  • 456 W. Olive Ave.
  • Sunnyvale, CA 94086
  • TDD (408) 730-7501
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