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Call the 24-hour call center at 408-730-7400 to report any of the following: localized flooding during a storm event, damage to a drainage grate or manhole lid, any water running from an outlet pipe into a creek when it is not raining, overwatering a lawn or garden resulting in runoff to the storm drain, broken, or lifted, concrete causing  ponding of runoff

To report non-emergency discharges or dumping of non-hazardous materials into storm drains
Monday - Friday  7 AM - 4 PM

After hours


Contact us

For emergency reports of hazardous spills or dumping into storm drains
Call 911 or 408-736-6244


Storm Drains - Stormwater Management

Sunnyvale Storm Drain Outfall map (storm drain collection system showing outfalls into the creeks and channels)

The City storm collection drain system provides for storm water runoff from City streets along gutters and through underground pipes to discharge into waterways that drain to San Francisco Bay. The system is designed for the control of flooding only and does not provide any treatment to the storm water run off.  Storm water entering drains flows directly into local creeks and the San Francisco Bay.

Repair and maintenance of the storm water collection system including grates, manhole lids, outfalls into local creeks, and flood prevention flap gates is provided by the Field Services Division of Public Works. The collection system includes over 300 miles of collection lines up to 84" in diameter, with two pumping stations that discharge storm water runoff to the Guadalupe Slough.

If a problem occurs with the storm water collection system or if there is localized flooding (back up) of a drain inlet during a storm event, contact our 24-hour call center at 408-730-7400.

No Dumping - Flows to Bay

Regulating contaminated waste and pollutants to prevent them from entering the storm drain system is an important function of the Industrial Waste Inspectors in the Pretreatment Program. This is done through inspections of industrial and commercial facilities to identify illegal discharges or conditions that allow pollutants to enter storm drains. The inspectors educate business operators about required Best Management Practices (BMP's) to reduce or eliminate pollutants from entering storm drains.

The Industrial Waste Inspectors also respond to reports of spills, illicit dumping into the storm drain system, provide education regarding the separation of storm drains and sewer systems, as well as take enforcement action in cases of noncompliance with regulations. To report spills or dumping please call: Sunnyvale Water Pollution Control Plant (WPCP) at 408-730-7260 or e-mail us at WPCP. In case of an emergency, dial 911.


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