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Information Technology
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Information Technology

Information Technology

Welcome Message From the CIO

I am thrilled to be a part of the City of Sunnyvale and to provide IT guidance and direction to the departments as well as serve the needs of the public. My team is engaged to take on new challenges and forge ahead with major technology changes needed to drive the City’s technology to be current and effective.

IT is the foundation of services provided by all City departments. The technologies used need to be secure, stable, and work behind the scenes. Technology is the enabler to better workflows and business processes. We work in partnership with our customers, the City departments, to provide better services to the public and ultimately our community.

Please continue to check our website and many changes are happening and there is much more to come!

We have three divisions within the Information Technology Department and all focus on continuous improvement while providing our customers the tools and connectivity needed to serve our community well.


To provide innovative solutions and a solid IT framework that enhances the business operations of our City’s departments and ultimately delivers effective services to the public.


The Information Technology Department (ITD) provides secure, reliable and integrated technology solutions in alignment with the needs and goals throughout the City in a timely manner, while delivering excellence in customer service. In support of this mission, we:

  • Partner with our customer departments to understand their technology needs in order to provide effective IT guidance and direction
  • Provide an opportunity to try innovative solutions in a strategic manner
  • Collaborate with our customers and other agencies to effectively deliver technology initiatives
  • Demonstrate technical and operational excellence through a commitment to professionalism, customer service excellence and continuous improvement
  • Consistently communicate with our customer departments to keep them informed and provide transparency
  • Will become a leader in innovation and technology to provide new solutions throughout the City
  • Catalog of Enterprise Systems

    In compliance with California Government Code Section 6270.5, the city is required to post a “Catalog of Enterprise Systems.” The catalog is a list of all the City’s major business systems except those that are specifically excluded from publication under the statute. The catalog includes the rough time period over which the data is collected and updated.

    IT Administration

    The IT Administration Program manages the IT budget and assets in a manner that enables the Application and Infrastructure Services and Support Programs to effectively and efficiently support the City’s operations. This support includes seeking collaboration opportunities with other government agencies, implementing and monitoring policies that ensure effective use of technology throughout the City, and identifying and planning for the City’s technology needs. This program also manages the City’s telecommunications franchises and lease agreements. 

    Applications Division

    The Software Applications Services and Support Division installs and maintains the software applications and systems used by the city's business units. Some of the major systems include the Financial, Human Resources & Payroll, Utility Billing and Library Systems, and the Computer Aided Dispatch and Records Management Systems used by the Department of Public Safety.
    The division provides consistent, quality customer service by forming proactive partnerships with its customers, and by applying industry standards and best practices. It also provides business analysis, project management, application development, and application implementation services for software applications and systems. In total, the Applications Division supports over 100 applications.

    Infrastructure Services and Support

    The Infrastructure Services and Support Division is responsible for the planning, deployment, and operation of the core technology infrastructure for the city. It provides telephone, radio, and data network services, computer system hardware, and email. It is also responsible for the management of information technology security risks. Our objective is to continually improve and enhance the business technology by providing cost-effective, yet feature rich, systems and services to city staff and the community. This is accomplished by providing reliable core data systems and network infrastructure, excellent technology support and assisting technology integration into the city's business processes.


    Chief Information Officer

    Kathleen Boutté Foster

    Kathleen Boutté Foster


    City of Sunnyvale

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