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City Manager Divisions

The Office of the City Manager is organized into five divisions:


City Clerk

The Office of the City Clerk is a division of the Office of the City Manager (OCM). The City Clerk is responsible for administering the legislative duties of the City Council, keeping the legislative history of the City, administering City elections, fulfilling the duties of Filing Officer for campaign disclosure statements and statements of interest statements, and managing the City’s Boards and Commissions Program.

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The Communications Office provides timely, relevant, consistent and accurate public information; and assists City Council and City staff in the coordination of public informational activities. The Communications Office is responsible for a number of programs and services, including:

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Economic Development

Economic Development staff is ready to assist you if you are ready to start or expand your business in Sunnyvale. We understand the importance off a strong business community and are here to provide assistance as you grow your business in Sunnyvale

Economic Development Staff

Connie Verceles
Economic Development Manager
(408) 730-7256

Maria Rodriguez
Economic Development Specialist
(408) 730-7702

Email: Economic Development

Learn more about Economic Development in Sunnyvale

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Print / Mail Services

The Print / Mail Services division provides centralized print, copy, bindery and mail services and support so that City employees are able to efficiently and effectively deliver and support business services.

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Intergovernmental Relations

The Intergovernmental Relations (IGR) office promotes the interests of the City with local, regional, state and federal government agencies.  Each City department has individual IGR liaisons to coordinate activities with the IGR office.

Learn more about the City’s intergovernmental relations priority issues and legislative advocacy positions.


Tracking Pending Legislation and Issues

  • Conduct and coordinate research on IGR issues; monitor state and federal legislation which could significantly impact the City.

Advocating or Opposing Legislation that Significantly Impacts the City

  • Advise and support Council in taking positions on legislation and issues. City positions are generally based on legislative advocacy positions, a collection of past Council positions on issues used to determine City positions on issues that arise during the year.
  • IGR work is also guided by the priority issues designated by Council each year to focus the City's advocacy on those issues of most importance.
  • The Mayor is the spokesperson for the City on all intergovernmental issues.

Managing Council’s Intergovernmental Assignments

  • Support the work of Councilmembers assigned to more than 50 regional committees, including committees for the League of California Cities (LCC), the Santa Clara County Cities Association (SCCCA) and Association of Bay Area Governments (ABAG).

Other IGR Services

  • Coordinate annual review and implementation of newly-passed state and federal laws.
  • Respond to issues concerning Moffett Field, NASA Ames Research Center and issues involving other government entities, including airplane noise

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