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Sunnyvale Civic Center

Civic Center Master Planning to begin in Early 2017

On October 25, 2016, City Council provided direction that prepares the Civic Center project to proceed with a campus-wide Master Plan that will be prepared in 2017. City Council decided that NOVA Workforce Service would remain at the Civic Center and continue to lease space from the City after their current facility in the Sunnyvale Office Center is demolished. Two options are still being considered for NOVA facilities: 1) renovate the City Hall Annex building, or 2) include NOVA as part of the new City Hall building. Council also approved the draft scope of services for master planning efforts. It defines key pieces of information to be developed for Council decision making that will lead to adoption of a final Civic Center Master Plan to guide phased implementation of the project.


In April, a community survey of registered Sunnyvale voters was conducted to test support levels for a bond measure to fund Civic Center improvements. Results of the survey were presented to City Council in May. Support levels were below the two-thirds majority needed to pass a bond measure but a clear majority of those surveyed favored moving ahead with a Civic Center Project. In May, Council decided to move ahead with the Civic Center as a phased project. The first phase will be designed to address the most urgent needs at the Civic Center using funding from existing City assets. More details are provided below:

Final Report Now Available

Here are the results of our 2015 Community Outreach Process:

How will You Shape Its Future?

Silicon Valley is a globally recognized region known for innovation, creativity and leading edge services and products. As the Heart of Silicon Valley, the City of Sunnyvale serves the residents and businesses that help the region grow and thrive. In stark contrast to the Valley's iconic image, businesses and buildings, stands the Sunnyvale Civic Center. The City's 1960s-era facilities where customers come for service—such as the City Hall, Library and Permit Center—are outdated, overcrowded and built to serve a population a third the size of today's. There have been repeated efforts over the years to determine how to update the facilities, but decisions have been deferred that can no longer wait.

During a strategic planning session on September 2, 2014, the City Council discussed the serious need to either renovate or replace the facilities and gave direction for City staff to develop a community engagement plan. They felt strongly that the Sunnyvale Civic Center needs to reflect the community's vision, effectively serve the public and represent a positive image of the City. We now have a tremendous opportunity to envision a campus that not only markedly improves the way we deliver services to our customers but also becomes a source of pride as a community asset and gathering place.

View the results of our Community Workshops.


The Civic Center land area is almost 25 acres but much of it is used inefficiently for single story buildings and surface parking.

The modernization project would consider ways to use the site more efficiently. For example, the current campus includes large landscaped areas around each of the buildings. While this does give the campus an open feel, much of the area is unusable lawn that consumes large quantities of water. In 2013, the Civic Center used six million gallons of water for irrigation.

pie chart of Civic Center Land Use photo of landscaping at Civic Center


Visitors to City Hall's One-Stop Permit Center have increased by 21 percent over the past five years. The current space lacks adequate seating for guests, counter space for plans and technology resources to expedite service.

The current campus has seven separate parking lots - some heavily used while others sit idle. We've also simply outgrown many facilities such as this example of our existing Public Safety evidence storage room.

column chart showing increase in visitors to the One-Stop Permit Center photo of crowded storage room


Several of the outdated buildings at Sunnyvale's Civic Center lack even basic green building features such as double-paned windows. Five of the City's top ten power users are buildings at the Civic Center. In 2013, the average cost of electricity for the five largest buildings at the Civic Center totaled more than $48,000 per month. A modernized Civic Center would include green building technologies to reduce energy consumption, greenhouse gas emissions and operating costs.

column chart showing electricity costs for Civic Center buildings photo showing single-pane windows

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