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Modernization Plan

Development of Civic Center Land Use Prototypes

Development of prototypes started with workshops that allowed community members to roll up their sleeves and develop conceptual land use scenarios and test ideas. Scenarios that were evaluated included renovating and adding on to existing buildings or replacing them; testing the location and type of parking facilities to see how underground, structured, or surface parking lots would affect the overall site plan; and even changing site circulation, with many teams eliminating Olive Avenue (currently bisects the campus).


This is an example of a current land use prototype.

Defining Success for the Civic Center Project

In May 2015 the City Council approved a draft Vision Statement, Success Criteria, and Needs Assessment after receiving public input. City Council finalized them. 

Planning for the Civic Center

In fall 2014, the City Council gave direction to prepare a robust Community Engagement Plan for the project. The plan was subsequently approved by the Council on February 24, 2015. 

The initial engagement activities for the project defined below have now been fully implemented. For more details on outcomes, see the Community Engagement Plan

Phase Major Activities Community Engagement Opportunities
Prepare Engagement Plan
(Winter 2014)
  • Prepare a draft community engagement plan for review by the City Council at a public hearing
  • Begin to inform the community about the process and seek citywide involvement from neighborhood groups and other stakeholders
  • Provide comments on the draft engagement plan or comment at the public hearing
  • Talk with your neighbors or neighborhood association about getting involved
Create the Vision
(Spring 2015)
  • Create a vision for the Civic Center Campus
  • Identify criteria for a succesful project
  • Better define the City's space needs and complete a market analysis of the property

A draft Vision Statement, Success Criteria, and Needs Assessment was created and was available for public comment.

Evaluate Alternatives
(Summer 2015)
  • Develop alternatives for building modernization and site configurations
  • Share the results of the market analysis and develop project costs and financing options
  • Participate in community workshops to develop and evaluate alternatives
  • Understand project alternatives and help identify pros and cons
  • Give us your opinion about project costs and options for financing
Decide on Next Steps
(Fall 2015)
  • Evaluate alternatives and make decisions on next steps
  • Decide on the best modernization alternatives and how they should be financed
  • Decide whether to pursue a public private partnership or City/community financing approach
  • Provide feedback to City Council on which alternatives you like best and why
  • Participate in public hearings or connect with the City through online engagement tools

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  • 456 W. Olive Ave.
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  • Sunnyvale City Hall

  • 456 W. Olive Ave.
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  • TDD (408) 730-7501
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