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Website Redesign Project Blog

The City of Sunnyvale is embarking on an exciting project to redesign the city's website. We will post status updates and, at key points in the project, solicit public feedback. 


Project Updates

Website Redesign Progressing

We’ve completed the initial phase of  usability testing with City staff and community volunteers, which included a variety of testing methods and both in-person and online tests. This testing helped develop the overall information architecture and global navigation (how content is organized, labeled and searched for), to create an intuitive, user-focused foundation for the new website. We are now building additional layers of navigation and outlining the hierarchy of the new pages (site maps). We will continue to incorporate usability testing at appropriate junctures to ensure data-supported decisions and a high quality user experience. Please sign up if you are interested in participating in future testing.

Our temporary part-time content writer is onboard and has begun assisting with rewriting content and creating content templates to aid staff in the content development process. From the inception of the project our plan has been to rewrite and create new content for the site to improve the user experience by reducing and reformatting content for clarity, mobile-friendly access and user focus.

The City has launched a citywide branding effort which will inform the design phase of the website. An RFQ has gone out with a January 13 deadline for responses. The branding effort and content development effort will intersect and this foundational work is expected to streamline the website development phase when we engage with our selected vendor, Civica. 

Your Help Needed to Improve Sunnyvale’s Website

As part of our Website Redesign Project we’ll be conducting various user tests comprised of simple tasks or exercises to help us redesign our site. Testing will be done at various stages throughout the redesign project to inform each phase of development. Some of these user tests will be in person and some will be online. They will all be conducted in less than an hour.

We hope to build a pool of interested potential testers to reach out to throughout the project. You’ll be able to choose your desired level of participation and area of interest through the sign up process.

If you are interested in helping us create an effective city website, please sign up as a tester.

Vendor Selected and Project Budget Approved

Right on schedule, the Website Redesign Project’s budget was presented in the July 14 Council meeting and received unanimous approval! The implementation agreement with the selected vendor, Civica, for a vendor-provided and hosted Content Management System for the new website, is in the execution phase. Civica was selected based on their experience in the municipal website space, their partner-focused approach, the breadth of available features offered  and the quality of sites produced for other cities, e.g., Palo Alto, Mountain View, Santa Barbara.

As part of the project, the City Manager approved the inclusion of a branding effort which will help inform the messaging for, and appearance of, the new website. We are actively researching consultants and will get underway with this work as soon as possible.

The Website Redesign Project (WRP) team is continuing to work with staff on the current content. The Web Content Strategist has created an audit (detailed spreadsheet listing) of all the 650 pages of current site content. In conjunction with the WRP team, staff has reviewed each of their Web pages to whittle down the amount of content and determine what to keep, eliminate or repurpose. This analysis includes identifying the user case for the content plus verifying all City-provided services. These efforts fold into the preparations for the first of several usability studies with the public which will help develop the site’s architecture and navigation.

Additionally, seven  of the City’s key Web-linked applications and tools, either third party or developed in-house, are being reviewed and evaluated to determine what, if any, edits, updates, or style changes will be needed for each one in order to integrate them in the new website.

Next steps planned timing:

  • Usability testing  - Summer and ongoing
  • Hiring Temporary Part-time Content Writer – Summer
  • Branding – Early Fall
  • Content writing/revision – Summer/Fall
  • Vendor Kickoff – Fall
  • Launch new website - Spring

Vendor Finalist Selected

We are pleased to announce that we have chosen a vendor finalist for the City's new website design, hosting and content management system. Due to confidentiality provisions required by the municipal code, details of the procurement cannot be released prior to the contract award.

Contract negotiations are proceeding along with preparations for the Report to Council, currently anticipated for the July 14 Council meeting.

The Website Redesign Project team is working through the current site content analysis with City staff. To assist staff in preparing content for the new website the City has posted a position for a temporary part-time Web Content Writer-Copywriter

Vendor RFP Issued

The City issued an RFP for Website Design and Content Management System on February 20. Proposals are due on March 18 after which an evaluation team will review and select finalists who will advance to a product demonstration phase. As currently scheduled, the evaluation process will be conducted in March and April with vendor selection occurring in May. 

In the meantime, City staff will be evaluating its existing website content and information architecture. To assist with the Website Redesign project, the City has hired two temporary part-time staff; one to manage the existing website allowing the City’s Web Specialist to manage the redesign project and the other to assist with the content analysis and update. 

City staff are also now analyzing feedback received from the Website Redesign Community Survey (412 respondents) and a survey of the City staff who answer public inquiries to the City’s main answer points.

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