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Sunnyvale Animal Licensing
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License Your Pet


ALL DOGS over four (4) months of age that reside in the City of Sunnyvale for more than 30 days must be currently vaccinated against rabies and licensed with the City.

*Note:  A rabies tag is separate from a license tag.  The issuer of the rabies tag will not license your pet.  It is the owner’s responsibility to license their pet with the City.


The City is partnering with PetData to make it easy to license your pet online or by mail.

To license your dog online go to PetData.com.

To license by mail, simply mail a copy of your animal license application along with proof of current  rabies vaccination, proof of spay/neuter  (if applicable) and the appropriate fees (check or money order) payable to:

Sunnyvale Animal Licensing
c/o PetData
PO Box 141929
Irving, TX  75014-1929


There are several ways to obtain an Animal License Application:
  • Download application from www.PetData.com 
  • Call PetData, toll-free 1-877-594-9690 and request one by mail
  • Pick up a hard copy from the Department of Public Safety at 700 All America Way


You are required by law to maintain current rabies vaccinations for your dog(s).  Proof from your veterinarian or rabies clinic must show current rabies vaccination or exemption.


To encourage spaying and neutering, license fees are significantly reduced for altered pets.  A spay/neuter certificate or other official proof of sterilization from your veterinarian is required the first time you apply. Spaying and neutering not only helps to reduce the burden of pet overpopulation in shelters but also makes pets less likely to stray away from home, less likely to get involved in fights, and less likely to bite, which in turn all serve to reduce taxpayers' expense for animal control costs.  For more information on the benefits or process of spaying or neutering your pet, please contact your veterinarian.


Current licensing fees are:
    Unaltered dogs $74 per year
    Altered dogs
    (with proof of spay/neuter)
    $22 for 1 year
    $32 for 2 years
    $42 for 3 years

Please note: Licenses must be purchased for a term equal to or less than the remaining duration of the dog's current rabies vaccination and refunds cannot be issued once a license is processed.


New tags are not sent upon renewal.  A $5 replacement fee is only required to replace lost or damaged tags.


Failure to license your dog by the age of four (4) months, or within thirty (30) days of acquisition, or within thirty (30) days of residency, or within thirty (30) days of the expiration date of a previously issued license may be subject to a $25 late penalty fee. 


Residents age 65 or older may license one pet per household at no cost. Valid verification or age (photocopy of a valid California Drivers License, Senior ID or Medi-Care Card) is required the first time you apply for a free license as a senior. (Proof of current rabies vaccination is still required for each renewal).


Owners of certain working dogs (guide / hearing / law enforcement dogs) may be eligible to receive an exemption from paying licensing fees.  To claim exemption, you must provide either:

(a) Certification that the animal serves as a guide dog or hearing dog.
(b) Certification that the animal has served with the United States Armed Forces or with a law enforcement agency.

For a Service Dog application to be sent to you, or for more information, please contact Sunnyvale Animal Control at 408-730-7178.

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