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Wildlife Center of Silicon Valley
3027 Penitencia Creek Road
San Jose, CA 95132
408-929-9453  (408-929-WILD)

Email:  Info@wcsv.org


Local Wildlife


Sunnyvale’s Animal Control Unit can ONLY respond to calls for service for sick or injured wildlife such as raccoons, opossums, deer, bats, birds of prey, or large sharp beaked birds.  For all other types of sick or injured animals, please contact the Wildlife Center of Silicon Valley at 408-929-9453.


Dead Wildlife on Private Property- Should be disposed of by the property owner.  Simply place the animal in a plastic bag, while wearing gloves, and dispose of in your trash receptacle.

Dead Wildlife on SunnyvaleCity Streets - Contact Sunnyvale Animal Control at 408-730-7178 for removal.

Dead Wildlife in Sunnyvale City Parks - Contact Sunnyvale Parks Department, 408-730-7506 for removal.

Dead Wildlife on Freeways - Contact Caltrans, 408-436-0930 for removal.

Dead Wildlife on Expressways - Contact Santa Clara County Animal Control, 408-465-2920 for removal.


California Fish and Game Laws prohibit the relocation of healthy wildlife by Animal Control (and residents). 

The best solution to most wildlife conflicts is to figure out what is attracting the animal and then alter the attraction so that it is no longer appealing. 

If you suspect that the animal is coming for food; pick up any sources of food or water on your property (pet food, fallen fruit, etc.) and make sure that your waste containers are securely fastened. To prevent an animal from taking up residence; close off any openings under decks or foundations, and into attics, garages, and sheds when the animal is not there. Also, keep woodpiles covered, secure your pet doors, keep your tree limbs trimmed back from your roof, and install a spark arrester on your chimney.

For more information about local wildlife and advice on effective humane methods of wildlife deterrence,  contact the Wildlife Center of Silicon Valley 408-929-9453.

For further information about California Fish & Game laws and to inquire about the acceptable methods of eliminating nuisance wildlife, contact the California Fish & Game, Central Coast Regional Office at 707-944-5500.

If you cannot resolve the problem yourself, you can contact a private animal abatement or pest control company.  Many of these private companies have special permits from California Fish and Game to trap and euthanize healthy wildlife deemed a nuisance.


Animal Control cannot respond to pest control issues. However, the County does operate a Vector Control division "to detect and minimize vector-borne diseases, to abate mosquitoes, and to assist the public in resolving problems with rodents, wildlife, and insects of medical significance".  For more information, contact Santa Clara County Vector Control, 408-918-4770 or 800-675-1155.   

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