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ANIMAL BITES: Anyone having knowledge of an animal biting a person should immediately report it to Animal Control. California law requires a report to be taken when any human is bitten by an animal and skin is broken as a result of the bite or scratch.

AGGRESSIVE OR VICIOUS ANIMALS:  Do NOT attempt to approach the animal. Call Animal Control immediately to dispatch an officer to the scene.  

ANIMAL ABUSE OR NEGLECT:  Our Animal Control Officers will investigate all reported animal welfare calls. For example; a dog left in a hot car, domestic or wild animals being mistreated, potential fighting animals or activities, abandoned animals.


Wild Animals on Private Property: Should be disposed of by the property owner.  Simply place the animal in a plastic bag, while wearing gloves, and dispose of in your trash receptacle.

Stray Domestic Animals on Private Property: If the animal’s owner cannot be contacted, contact Sunnyvale Animal Control to transport the animal to the Humane Society for owner identification.

Wild & Domestic Animals on Sunnyvale City Streets: Contact Sunnyvale Animal Control at (408) 730-7178 for removal.

Wild & Domestic Animals in Sunnyvale City Parks: Contact Sunnyvale Parks Division, (408) 730-7506 for removal.

Wild & Domestic Animals on Freeways: Contact Caltrans, (408) 436-0930 for removal.

Wild & Domestic Animals on Expressways: Contact Santa Clara County Animal Control, (408) 465-2920 for removal.


If you cannot resolve the problem by talking to the animal owner, you can contact the Department of Public Safety Desk Officer at (408) 730-7110 to file a complaint. You can also print an informational brochure concerning noisy animals, Noisy Animal Brochure.


If you can safely transport the animal yourself: The Humane Society Silicon Valley is open 24 hours a day for incoming animals and there is no charge to drop off a stray animal.

If you cannot transport the animal, but can safely confine it: Call the Animal Control Unit at (408) 730-7178 with your name, address, phone number and a description of the animal and its location. If you will not be home when the Animal Control Officer arrives, you must also give your permission for our officers to enter your property to remove the animal.


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