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Message from Deputy Chief Dayton Pang

Welcome to the Sunnyvale Department of Public Safety Bureau of Special Operations.  The Bureau of Special Operations encompasses Internal Affairs, the Special Operations Division and the Strategic Services Division.  The Bureau of Special Operations is overseen by one Deputy Chief, two Captains and eight Lieutenants.  A combination of civilian managers and supervisors provide management and supervision for our civilian staff. 

Special Operations Division:

This division houses our prevention and investigative services units within the Department of Public Safety.  Units within Special Operations include our Crime Prevention Unit, which works diligently with our schools, neighborhood associations and business community, Police Investigations which incorporates property crimes, person’s crimes and our Community Crimes Unit.  Special Operations also includes Animal Control, Parking Enforcement, Vehicle Abatement and The Office of Emergency Services which manages a variety of community based emergency preparation programs including Sunnyvale Neighborhoods Actively Prepared or SNAP.

Located within the Special Operations Division is our Neighborhood Preservation Unit.  Neighborhood Preservation's commitment is to maintain and improve the quality of life in residential and commercial neighborhoods through providing education, outreach and resources to foster attractive neighborhoods and promote safe and desirable communities. 

The Special Operations Division and Patrol Division work closely together to achieve a low crime rate by utilizing up-to-date crime analysis, focused patrol, undercover operations and investigative follow-up and support.

Strategic Services Division

This division houses many of our support functions which guide the department through long-term planning.  These include: Communications, Records, Recruitment, Training, Data and Statistics, Grants Management, Licensing and Permitting, Property and Evidence.

Recruitment is responsible for all aspects of hiring Public Safety personnel.  The recruitment unit monitors and assists with new-hire training programs to ensure we have successful candidates.  Other responsibilities include planning and research along with promotional processes within the department.

Employee Benefits are also managed through the Strategic Services division.  This includes the Paid Medical Leave and Workers Compensation programs.  Efforts are put into place to ensure that employees that are not able to work have every available resource to assist them in a safe return.  We continually conduct safety assessments to make sure the appropriate education and environment are being provided.

Training of Public Safety employees begins with the day they are hired and does not end until they retire.  The Training Unit provides support and guidance through all initial training which then leads to the on-going training.  The unit ensures that all three disciplines (Police, Fire and EMS) are properly trained meeting all requirements.

The Property Unit is responsible for managing all evidence, uniforms and equipment.   They ensure employees have all the necessary equipment needed to support their daily activities.  Additionally, they are responsible for all evidence and property taken as a result of law enforcement action. 

Communications is responsible for answering emergency and non-emergency calls.  They are responsible for dispatching police and fire resources to all events.  All Public Safety Dispatchers are trained in the delivery of medical care through pre-arrival instructions and are instrumental in getting medical care to callers immediately.  This rapid application of emergency care has successfully saved many lives. 

The Records Unit maintains custodian of all police reports, database access and statistical reporting.  This includes the distribution of cases for criminal filing, release to the public and reporting for State and Federal requirements.

The Management Analyst Unit handles Homeland Security Grants, Fees and Revenues, Licensing and Permitting.  This unit is important in acquiring Local State and Federal grants to obtain specialized equipment and training. 

All sworn and professional staff members of the Bureau of Special Operations remain committed to performing their duties in a collaborative environment to ensure that Public Safety is staffed with some of the highest caliber personnel in the profession, while assuring for non-discrimination and equal opportunity compliance.

The Department of Public Safety is proud that the City of Sunnyvale is considered one of the safest cities in America for its size and population.  We are fortunate to serve a community that supports and partners with us to make Sunnyvale a safe community to live, work and play in.  Thank you for visiting our website.

Dayton Pang, Deputy Chief


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