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Police and Technical Services

Fire truck and police patrol car

Our mission is to safeguard lives, protect property, and ensure a quality of life whereby our community may enjoy peace and security. We recognize the need to work in partnership with the community and to always anticipate and respond to the changing needs of our community.

Our goals are to provide a safe community and a feeling of security among the citizens; to provide police services that directly respond to the emergency and general needs of the people and businesses within Sunnyvale; to provide police services that ensure the capacity of police, fire, and emergency medical services meet the needs of the community.

A Deputy Chief is in charge of the Bureau of Police Services. The Bureau includes our patrol services contingent. There are two patrol teams that make the 24/7/365 coverage possible. A Captain manages each of the patrol teams. There are 5 patrol squads that cover the city 24 hours a day, each supervised by a Lieutenant. The number of officers in each of the squads changes depending on the time of the day the shift covers.



Traffic Safety Unit

The Traffic Safety Unit is part of the Special Operations Bureau in the Sunnyvale Department of Public Safety.  The purpose and objectives of the Traffic Safety Unit are to ensure the safe and orderly flow of pedestrian, bicycle, and vehicular traffic by practicing a multimodal problem-solving approach while working collaboratively with a variety of community partners. 

The implementation of a comprehensive selective traffic enforcement plan aimed at reducing traffic collisions on the 300 miles of roadways in Sunnyvale rests primarily with the Traffic Safety Unit (TSU). So as to more effectively accomplish the TSU’s mission, the Department expanded the Unit in 2008 by adding a Traffic Safety Officer.  It is currently comprised of one lieutenant and four motorcycle officers.  The “motor” officers receive extensive training on the police motorcycles used for specialized traffic enforcement. 

The Unit has been riding Harley Davidson motorcycles since 2002 when it switched its fleet from Kawasaki. The primary duty of the Traffic Safety Unit is the focused enforcement of traffic laws so as to reduce collisions, their resulting injuries and property damage, and better facilitate the safe and orderly flow of traffic on our roadways.  Traffic Officers direct their enforcement efforts in areas determined through analysis to have high collision rates and locations provided via citizen input.  Traffic Officers also direct their enforcement efforts based on the analysis of primary collision factors listed in reports.  Speed, one of the leading causes of collisions, is enforced through the use of radar and lidar devices. 

The Unit also deploys two speed display trailers and three vehicle hitch-mounted speed signs as part of our traffic calming plan.  As part of our red light enforcement, officers utilize red light indicators, known as “rat boxes”, that are mounted on the backside of signal lights thus allowing the officer to monitor the traffic signals’ cycling from a safe location.

Each year more children are killed in vehicle collisions than all other accidental deaths combined.  The Traffic Safety Unit manages the department’s Child Passenger Safety program.  Coupled with strict enforcement of seat belt and child restraint laws, the program is designed to reduce injuries sustained by children in collisions by educating parents and caregivers in the proper procedures for a Child Restraint System.  Appointments can be made with one of our Child Passenger Safety technicians by calling (408) 730-7179.

In addition to assisting patrol operations, Traffic Safety Officers serve on the Major Accident Investigation Team (M.A.I.T.) and are responsible for investigating fatal and major injury collisions.  The officers receive extensive instruction in the physics and vehicle dynamics associated with collisions.  Officers use special equipment and computer software to reconstruct crashes. Grant funding from the California Office of Traffic Safety (OTS) has also helped the Traffic Safety Unit make the community safer.  OTS provided funding for a DUI command trailer that the Unit uses for its DUI checkpoints and saturation patrols during a variety of holidays throughout the year. 

The Unit has also received grant funds from the Traffic Safe Communities Network (TSCN) for selective enforcement around our schools. Traffic related inquiries can be made to the Traffic Safety Unit by calling (408) 730-7109.

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The Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) team is a specialized unit of service. Its primary function is the same as that of the entire Department: the preservation of life, property, and rights of all people. SWAT achieves this goal by officers utilizing specialized tactical training and equipment to handle incidents posing high hazards to officers or others. The role of the SWAT team is to neutralize hazardous situations using teamwork, equipment and effective tactics. SWAT officers are trained in rescue techniques and in methods for dealing with potentially hazardous situations while creating a minimum of danger to officers and the public. SWAT team members serve in this capacity as a collateral assignment.

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Crisis Negotiations Team

The Crisis Negotiations Team (CNT) is comprised of officers that use specialized communications skills, psychological profiling and specialized equipment to handle incidents posing high hazards to officers or others. The role of the CNT is to work in conjunction with the SWAT team to neutralize hazardous situations using teamwork, and skills that involve advanced communications and active listening in order to deal with potential hazardous situations. Crisis Negotiators serve in this capacity as a collateral assignment.

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Canine Unit

The Canine Unit is comprised of four canines and their handlers. All of our canines are German Shepherds and are trained for patrol work. Two of the canines are cross-trained for narcotic detection work and the other two are cross-trained for explosive detection work. The canine officers patrol the streets of Sunnyvale while assigned to their respective patrol teams. They assist patrol officers during high risk calls and searches. The unit also assists SWAT during their deployments.

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Desk Officer

The Desk Officer (D.O.) is a specialty assignment that is often the citizen's initial point of contact with the Department. The D.O. performs a large number of tasks that include citation sign-off's, booking prisoners at the temporary holding facility, and taking reports related to missing persons, identity theft, stolen vehicles, or minor acts of vandalism and theft.

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Patrol Training Officer

The Patrol Training Officer (PTO) is responsible for teaching new Police Academy graduates the job of a Public Safety Officer. PTO's undergo specialized training to learn the fine points of the Police Training Program, which has a heavy emphasis on Problem Based Learning. The PTO staff is composed of more senior Officers, and membership is achieved through a competitive selection process. PTO’s are responsible for the future of the Department because they take the responsibility of training new officers. The Police Training Program is a 16 week field training program where new officers learn how to apply what they have been taught in the Police Academy to the streets.

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Crime Scene Investigator

CSI's are patrol officers specially selected and trained to assist in the gathering and preservation of evidence at crime scenes. They are responsible for identifying and securing the crime scene perimeter, locating and collecting physical evidence, and writing reports related to the evidence work performed. The CSI Unit responds to all major crime scenes including: homicides, sexual assaults, kidnappings, and officer-involved shootings to properly process and document the scenes. When not responding to scenes as a CSI, officers perform patrol based functions.

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Bicycle Patrol

The Bicycle Patrol Unit is an effective means to facilitate the ease of movement within an urban setting. Officers must complete a training session where they receive specialized instruction. Officers who have received this training are normally assigned to patrol squads and perform bike patrol as an added duty. When they are not responding to calls for service, they patrol areas on their bikes as a crime prevention tool.

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Gang Enforcement Team

The Gang Enforcement Team (GET) is a group of specially trained officers that focus crime prevention efforts in known gang areas of the city. This is a concurrent assignment that patrol officers can be involved in. Organizing the team in this manner, affords the department the opportunity to deploy patrol officers with specialized training within most of the patrol squads. They work with other agencies and jurisdictions to combat the effects of gang violence on the community. They also respond to gang related criminal events and are often the key to solving complex cases due to their knowledge of active criminal gang enterprises.

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Crisis Intervention Team

The Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) assists individuals in crisis, and helps them with long term solutions to complex problems. The officers in the CIT staff are all volunteers, and participate in training that assists in defusing stressful life events. These officers respond to calls where an individual may be a threat to themselves, a threat to others, or gravely disabled. They can also help people who need information on resources available in the County but may not know that they exist.

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Mobile Field Force

The Mobile Field Force is a collateral assignment that involves specially equipped officers trained to handle mass assemblies and demonstrations. The Sunnyvale Mobile Field Force consists of 32 officers divided into four squads. Each squad has a squad leader and an assistant squad leader. Two lieutenants and a captain are also part of the team. The unit responds to events within the city as well as mutual aid requests from around the state.

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