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Emergency Preparedness

An image of road collapsingWelcome to the Office of Emergency Services (OES) website. The City of Sunnyvale, Department of Public Safety, Office of Emergency Services provides services to the community and to City departments to prepare us for an effective response to all types of disasters.

Through City sponsored programs, well-trained volunteers stand ready to provide assistance to their neighborhoods and community in the immediate aftermath of a disaster.

Local Hazard Mitigation Plan Project:

The City of Sunnyvale is updating the 2010 Santa Clara County Hazard Mitigation Plan (HMP) in conjunction with the Santa Clara County Operational Area. A Hazard Mitigation Plan demonstrates a jurisdiction’s commitment to reducing risks from natural hazards and serves as a guide for decision makers as they commit resources to minimize the effects of natural hazards. The HMP is intended to integrate with planning mechanisms already in place such as building and zoning regulations, environmental planning, and long-range planning mechanisms.  The planning process includes conducting a thorough hazard vulnerability analysis (HVA), creating community disaster mitigation priorities, and creating subsequent mitigation strategies and projects.  

By participating in the planning process, each special district and local jurisdiction will be eligible to apply for and receive grant funding from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to reduce the vulnerability of residents within the community.  

During the planning process, the Santa Clara County Operational Area Hazard Mitigation Working Group is actively involving private sector, non-profit, and other community partners in the planning process.  The approach is consistent with the "Whole Community Approach," which seeks to involve the entire community in disaster and hazard planning. You can be involved by participating in this survey.

Emergency Notification System

AlertSCC, an emergency notification system for anyone who lives and works in Santa Clara County. This system is a free, easy, and a confidential way to disseminate emergency warnings information directly to individuals' cell phones, mobile devices, emails, and/or landline phones. AlertSCC can reach you wherever you are provided you have signed up to receive the emergency information.  AlertSCC has the capability to send voice messages to phone numbers included in the emergency 911 database, 411 telephone directory database, and any other phone numbers.  This system will also provide you with appropriate instructions when applicable, on how to respond an emergency. The likely emergency notifications that you may receive by voice, text, email or TTY could be related to earthquakes, fires, crime incidents, hazardous material spills, infectious disease and other public safety emergencies.

This system supplements, rather than replaces, other communication methods used by emergency responders, both in person and through the use of other media. Television, radio and County/city websites will continue to broadcast important announcements as well.

To find out more information about AlertSCC and to sign up to receive the notifications go to:


You can support the City’s emergency response efforts. Consider getting involved in our Sunnyvale Emergency Response Volunteers (SERV) Program, which the Office of Emergency Services coordinates and sponsors.


Following a disaster, emergency services personnel may be unavailable to meet the demands of its community.  The emergency services that you have come to expect through 9-1-1 at a moments notice, such as police, fire, medical, etc. may be dispatched elsewhere.  As we witnessed during previous disasters, initially people have to rely on each other for help in order to meet their immediate life saving and life sustaining needs.  In an effort to prepare residents of Sunnyvale to protect family and property, the Sunnyvale Department of Public Safety Office of Emergency Services developed the CERT Training Program.  The purpose of CERT is to provide Sunnyvale residents with tools to be self-sufficient for a minimum of 72 hours following a disaster.  

The training program is on a volunteer basis, taught for seven consecutive weeks.  As a CERT participant, you will learn about disaster preparedness empowering you to help save lives while working with the City of Sunnyvale to do "The greatest good for the greatest number of people." 

For more information email: Sunnyvale CERT
* Classes are held at the Department of Public Safety, located at 700 All America Way, in Classroom.
Where noted* are at Fire Station 2: corner of Wolfe & Arques.
An $15.00 fee covers the cost of refreshments. 

 Register for CERT On-line NOW or view the latest training schedules:

Call (408) 730-7190

Sunnyvale Amateur Radio Emergency Service (SARES)

SARES logoThe Sunnyvale Amateur Radio Emergency Service (SARES) is made up of FCC-licensed radio amateurs who have registered their capabilities and equipment for public service.  They serve without compensation of any kind.  The SARES is directed by the Emergency Coordinator (EC), who is appointed by the American Radio Relay League (ARRL) Section Emergency Coordinator.  The EC has appointed Assistant Emergency Coordinators (AEC) to assist him and to serve various special areas.

For information on frequencies, schedules, membership and general information, the SARES website is located at:

For more information email:

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