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Why am I required to report electronically?
Assembly Bill (AB) 2286 (Feuer) was signed by Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, chaptered on September 29, 2008 and went into effect January 1, 2009. As of January 1, 2013, the law requires regulated businesses to use the Internet to file required Unified Program information previously filed by paper forms. This includes data associated with:

• Hazardous Materials Business Plans (HMBP);
• Underground Storage Tanks (UST);
• Hazardous Waste On-Site Treatment Per State “Tiered Permit” Requirements;
• Hazardous Waste Recycling;
• Remote Accumulation of Hazardous Wastes Generated Off-Site.

Does this law create new reporting requirements?
No. This law only changes the reporting method for information that was already required to be submitted. Data from the following Unified Program Consolidated Form (UPCF) pages that have historically been submitted as hard copies will now need to be submitted electronically:
• UPCF Business Activities page;
• UPCF Business Owner/Operator Identification page;
• UPCF Hazardous Materials Inventory Chemical Description pages (i.e., HMBP inventory);
• UPCF Hazardous Waste On-Site Treatment (Tiered Permit) forms;
• UPCF Hazardous Waste Remote Consolidation Site Notification Form;
• UPCF Recyclable Materials Reporting Form;
• UPCF Underground Storage Tank Operating Permit Application and UST Monitoring Plan forms.
Do I have to make my first electronic submission by January 1, 2013?
No. January 1, 2013 is not a reporting deadline. Electronic submission of required documents, including HMBP and Inventories will be accepted by the City of Sunnyvale throughout 2013. 

How do I submit information electronically?
Submissions should be made by going directly to CERS.

The Department of Public Safety has been working with a vendor since the fall of 2011 to develop a local web portal (i.e., website) where businesses may submit required information and access additional compliance tools and resources. Information collected through the portal will be transmitted electronically to Cal/EPA’s state-wide database, the California Environmental Reporting System (CERS). However, we do not anticipate that our portal will be operational this year. Businesses will need to make their submissions now by going directly to the CERS website. 

Can I submit data both to CERS and the local portal?
No. As soon as the portal is available, you will need to submit using only one of the reporting systems. Due to the delay in our local portal, please use CERS.

What if I don’t have internet access?
The City of Sunnyvale is dedicated to making the transition to this new process as smooth as possible. Businesses that have difficulty using computers or accessing the Internet may contact the Fire Prevention & Hazardous Materials Unit at (408) 730-7212 to discuss your specific situation.

Will all agencies be approaching electronic reporting the same way?
No. Some agencies will choose to develop a local portal, while others will have their businesses reporting directly to CERS. The portal described in this FAQ is intended for businesses within the City of Sunnyvale.

How will electronic reporting benefit businesses and agencies?
Electronic reporting will save time and resources by allowing all of the following:
  • Businesses and their contractors can quickly access, update and submit Unified Program information.
  • Multi-jurisdictional businesses can submit required information through a single reporting system;
  • Agencies can review submittals from one central system and respond using automated e-mail notifications;
  • Emergency Responders can quickly see a facility’s current hazardous materials inventory and site maps;

What can I do now?
With the delay of our local portal, go directly to the CERS website to obtain a user account and request access to their facility record(s). Consultants and contractors requesting Business Lead User access to CERS facility records that do not currently have a Business Lead User must submit a completed CERS Business Lead User Authorization FormTraining materials developed by Cal/EPA are also available.

For other eReporting questions, e-mail or call (408) 730-7212 to speak with a member of the Hazardous Materials Unit.

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