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Motorolla High rise in SunnyvaleWith eight high rises either fully or partially occupied and nine more in the planning or construction stage, Sunnyvale can now boast that it has a thriving high rise business community. There are more than 5,000 people who work daily in these buildings. High-rises are designed to be safe, but if a full-scale evacuation is required occupants need to be ready to act quickly and take responsibility for their own safety.

“In the U.S. during 2002, high rise buildings had 7,300 reported structure fires (20 per day).” 
- John R. Hall, Jr.
Fire Analysis and Research Division
National Fire Protection Agency

Any building with occupied floors 75 feet or higher above grade is considered to be a high rise. Because buildings this tall present a unique challenge for emergency responders, the California Fire Code and State law require that an approved fire safety and evacuation plan be prepared and maintained and that occupants participate in annual evacuation drills. State law also requires each high rise to have a designated Fire Safety Director who will be available to coordinate with fire officials during an emergency.

Review of Evacuation DrillOur high rise safety program is aimed at providing greater life safety for occupants and assisting building owners and managers comply with regulatory requirements. We provide resources and recommendations for emergency response planning and evacuation procedures based on recognized best practices that are intended to help participants appreciate the importance of:

  • Knowing the emergency plan and their role in it,
  • Being aware of building safety features,
  • Taking immediate action if smoke, fire, or other emergency conditions are evident, and
  • Understanding evacuation procedures, especially when to exercise judgment regarding the best alternate course of action in extreme conditions.

We encourage you to take advantage of the following resources:

For Tenants of High Rises

For Managers &
Fire Safety Directors

Information for Tenants of High Rises

Additional Resources & Information

If you are interested in additional information, please explore these valuable sites:

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If you have any questions or would like more information about high rise safety and the resources we offer, contact the Sunnyvale Fire Prevention Office at (408) 730-7212, or stop by our office at 505 W. Olive Ave.

It is extremely important that high rise occupants be familiar with the plan and participate in evacuation drills so that they are prepared to respond to any emergency in the building.

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