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Public Safety Statistics

Sunnyvale Crime Maps and Statistics

We thank you for your interest in the City of Sunnyvale’s crime statistics.  Sunnyvale consistently experiences low crime rates every year. We believe that strong partnerships between our officers and the citizens we serve allow our City to remain safe.  We encourage you to contact our Crime Prevention Unit for tips and information on how to prevent crime in your neighborhood, home, business, or school. 

The following information reflects only crimes that are categorized as Part I Crimes by the FBI’s Uniform Crime Report. By the FBI’s definition Part I Crimes include: violent crimes (homicide; rape; robbery; aggravated assault) and property crimes (burglary; larceny/theft; motor vehicle theft; arson). The numbers reported here reflect the official Part I Crime numbers reported to the FBI and exclude cases that have been unfounded. You may learn more about the Uniform Crime Report by visiting the FBI's information page.  Please note: due to closing out the previous month’s crime reports the data will be delayed, the most recent information is displayed here. 


Annual Crime Statistics

Uniform Crime Reports Part I Crimes - Annual Report 2016

Uniform Crime Report Part I Crimes' Rate Comparison 2006 to 2015

Five Year Average Crime Clock Comparison

Monthly Crime Statistics

Crimes in Sunnyvale

Crime Maps for Your Neighborhood

Sunnyvale Department of Public Safety (DPS) in partnership with Bair Analytics, a LexisNexis Company, is providing an online, interactive crime mapping program that will allow residents and visitors to input an address and view crime activity for their requested area. The RAIDS Online site is free to the public and includes optional email updates and a phone APP (search “Raids Online Mobile” in the APP store).

RAIDS Online is a public crime map that connects law enforcement with the community to improve public safety.
You can view and filter crime data in an interactive map and analytics dashboard to become better informed about crime activity in your area. You can also sign up for crime alerts to be sent directly from local law enforcement.

Finally, you may submit anonymous tips for crime activity directly to law enforcement. NOTE: this tip line is not monitored 24 hours/7 days a week and should be used for NON EMERGENCIES only. In an emergency dial 911

Sunnyvale (DPS) believes the map is a useful tool that can help raise awareness and encourage citizens to work in collaboration with law enforcement to better inform and protect their community. Please be aware, there are some limitations to consider before viewing the map:

  • In order to protect victims of certain crimes and the security of pending investigations, Bair Software has
    not been given access to all crime data. Therefore, the data used on RAIDS Online may be incomplete and
    should only be used as an informational tool.
  • The base maps used by Bair Software (makers of raidsonline.com) can be dated or contain errors.
    Some addresses, especially new neighborhoods, may not be available. The City of Sunnyvale has no
    control over the RAIDS Online website and their mapping tools.
  • Although DPS provides raw data to RAIDS Online, DPS does not control how it is interpreted in the
    analytical section of the website. The charts and graphs depicted on the site are created and maintained
    by Bair Software, a LexisNexis Company, and are supplied to provide an overview of criminal activity reported in the City.

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For navigation tips and help for RAIDSOnline -  HELP Tutorials.

More Information on Crime Statistics 

For the most complete sex offenders' information please visit Megan's Law website.

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