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Dog Parks and Off-Leash Alternatives in Sunnyvale

The City of Sunnyvale is studying dog parks and off-leash alternatives to dog parks. The City currently has one fenced dog park at Las Palmas Park, and is considering Fair Oaks, Lakewood, Serra and Las Palmas Parks as potential sites for new dog parks or off-leash options.

As part of the study, several community outreach meetings were held in April 2013 to provide input on:

  • Whether there should be additional dog parks in Sunnyvale and where they could be located; 
  • What amenities should be included in any new dog parks; 
  • Whether there should be designated times and unfenced areas within parks for dogs to be off-leash; and 
  • Whether dog owners should be allowed to bring their own portable fencing to a park for their dogs to be off-leash.

Community Meetings to Discuss Las Palmas Dog Park Improvements and Possible Relocation

  • Las Palmas Dog Park Improvements and Possible Relocation
    At the July 23 Council meeting, the City Council authorized improvements of the Las Palmas Dog Park, including a separate area for small dogs and the addition of natural turf. Council also directed staff to consider relocating the dog park somewhere in the park farther away from people’s homes. Community outreach meetings were held on August 22, 23 and 24 for the public to provide input on whether to consider a different location for a dog park within Las Palmas, and what amenities should be included in the improved dog park. There was an excellent turnout with over 60 community members in attendance. The meetings included an on-site visit to discuss possible relocation options. Surveys were distributed and results were shared at the Special Council Meeting Joint Session with the Parks and Recreation Commission on Tuesday, October 1 at 5:30 p.m. at Las Palmas Park. To give feedback, contact the Department of Public Works, Parks Division at (408)730-7506, TDD (408) 730-7501, or email

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Dog Parks Survey

The "Dog Parks & Off-Leash Alternatives in Sunnyvale's Park System" Survey was open from April 5th through May 10th and we received over 700 responses. Thank you for your input.

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