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Downtown Parking Maintenance District

The City of Sunnyvale Municipal Code (Chapter 14.26) permits the establishment of assessment districts by agencies for the purpose of providing certain public improvements, which include the operation, maintenance and servicing of public parking facilities.

On September 1, 1964 the City Council adopted Resolution No. 6643, which authorized the City of Sunnyvale to levy an ad-valorem assessment on all taxable properties within the boundaries of the Sunnyvale Downtown Parking Maintenance District. This ad-valorem assessment was used to pay for the operation and maintenance of existing public parking facilities and the debt service payments associated with the acquisition and construction of various public parking facilities within the boundaries of the Sunnyvale Downtown Parking Maintenance District.

The Downtown Parking Maintenance District Diagram is a diagram showing the exterior boundaries of the Maintenance District and the lines and dimensions of each lot or parcel of land, as shown on the maps of the Assessor of the County of Santa Clara, within the District.

Property owners within the Downtown Parking Maintenance District receive a special and direct benefit from the District parking facilities because this allows property owners to develop or redevelop their properties without providing needed on-site parking to support their developments. This Parking District allows property owners to maximize their parcel’s development capabilities (i.e. by only requiring property owners who construct additional building square footage on their parcel to provide additional on-site parking for that additional building square footage constructed). The ability to maximize a parcel’s development capabilities increases the value of these properties within the boundaries of the District.

View the FY 2010-11 Final Draft Engineer's Report    FY09-10 Parking District Assessment, including the Final Engineer’s Report for more details.


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