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Land Development Projects

The Land Development Section of the Public Work Department, Engineering Division is responsible for ensuring that new development projects comply with applicable regulations and provide the necessary public infrastructure including, but not limited to, streets, sidewalks, water, storm and sanitary sewers, streetlights and landscaping along street frontages, etc.

Project Review Committee (PRC)

The Land Development Section participates in the city-wide Project Review Committee to provide general information, project requirements and conditions of approval during project planning and preliminary design so that any issues can be addressed before proceeding with the proposed projects.

Tentative Map

Projects with subdivision of lands require application of a tentative map/vesting tentative map. Refer to Sunnyvale Municipal Code Sections 18.20.50, 18.20.60 and Chapter 18.22 for data/information required as part of the tentative map/vesting tentative map filing, submitted to the planning division.

Final Map / Parcel Map

Once the tentative map is approved with conditions by the city, the land development section will review final map / parcel map, in conjunction with public improvement plans. See flow chart.

See more information on the Final Map / Parcel Map page.

Public Improvement Plans

Plans for public improvements (surface improvements and underground utilities) are to be reviewed and approved by the Land Development Section for all development projects. Refer to Sunnyvale Municipal Code Chapters 18.08 and 18.12  for required improvements and design standards for subdivision projects.

See more information on the Public Improvement Plans page.

Lot Line Adjustment

A few land development projects are contingent upon recordation of a Lot Line Adjsutement. Refer to Sunnyvale Municipal Code Chapter 18.24 for procedures and requirements for a Lot Line Adjustment.

Public street / Public easement vacation

A few land development projects are contingent upon recordation of a Street or Public Easement Vacation.  Refer to California streets and highways codes for procedure and requirements. Public street / public easement can be abandoned as part of a subdivision map.

Land Development Fee Schedule

Public Works Development Fees are shown on the City current Master Fee Schedule (pages 41-62).




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