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Stevens Creek Trail Connected Vision

Stevens Creek Trail Feasibility Study Project Status

The draft Joint Cities Stevens Creek Trail Feasibility Study was released March 2015. After several months of public comment and three public input meetings, the final report and the Joint Cities Working Team (JCWT) Recommendation to Councils are now available below. The City Council's of all participating agencies (Sunnyvale, Mountain View, Los Altos and Cupertino) have considered the study and recommendations by the JCWT.

CWG and JCWT Recommendations

  • Joint Cities Working Team Recommendations to City Councils
  • Citizens Working Group Recommendation to the Joint Cities Working Team

    Final Joint Cities Stevens Creek Trail Feasibility Study Report

  • Table of Contents and Executive Summary
  • Chapter 1 - Purpose and Benefit
  • Chapter 2 - Feasibility Criteria and Site Analysis
  • Chapter 3 - Alignment Options
  • Chapter 4 - Pedestrian/Bicycle Paths
  • Chapter 5 - On-Street Routes
  • Chapter 6 - Development Challenges
  • Chapter 7 - Bibliography
  • Appendix A
  • Appendix B
  • Appendix C - Summary of Public Comments 
          (Posted in parts due to the large file size) 
          Summary of Public Comments
          - Public Comments Part 1   
          - Public Comments Part 2 
          Supplements to Public Comments
          - Part 1
          - Part 2
          - Part 3
          - Part 4
          - Part 5
          - Part 6
          - Part 7
          - Part 8
          - Part 9
          - Part 10
          - Part 11
          - Part 12
          - Part 13
          - Part 14
          - Part 15
          - Part 16

  • Please note:
    • This is a technical feasibility report and as such no preferred alignment is suggested.       
    • Please note comments received on preferred alignments were not considered for inclusion within the body of the technical feasibility study as no preferred alignment is suggested. Instead, all comments received on the draft report (including those that note a preferred alignment) are included for public review as an appendix to the report.
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    Project Summary

    The Stevens Creek Trail Joint Cities Feasibility Study seeks to provide a comprehensive Study to the City Councils of Sunnyvale, Cupertino, Los Altos, and Mountain View. The Study will assist the four cities in determining feasible alternatives and selecting and coordinating a preferred alternative for completion of a multi-use trail in the Stevens Creek corridor.

    Previous Meeting Materials

    Joint Cities Working Team

    Previous Meetings and Materials for Reference

    Public Meetings and Materials for Reference

    Public Meeting Feedback Results - November 14, 2012 

    Reference Documents


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    Citizens Working Group
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