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About the Stevens Creek Trail Joint Cities Feasibility Study

The Stevens Creek Trail Joint Cities Feasibility Study seeks to provide a comprehensive Study to the City Councils of Sunnyvale, Cupertino, Los Altos, and Mountain View. The Study will assist the four cities in determining feasible alternatives and selecting and coordinating a preferred alternative for completion of a multi-use trail in the Stevens Creek corridor.  The Study will identify a broad range of trail alternatives based on existing plans/policies/studies, community input, geographic/physical/biological and institutional conditions and opportunities.  The Study will then conduct certain technical engineering feasibilty analysis, scientific assessments and public vetting of identified alternatives and screen to a small set of technically feasible, community supported alternatives. The Study will provide information necessary for each city to consider advancing a project to the environmental, design and construction phases.

Study Information:

Existing Conditions Preliminary Findings Maps

Feasible Trail Alignments-Dale/Heatherstone to Homestead Road 

Feasible Trail Alignments-Homestead Road to Stevens Creek Blvd 

Joint Cities Policy Working Team Meetings

WHEN: Regular meeting date generally held on the
         second Monday of the month
Citizen Working Group Meetings

WHEN: Regular meeting date general held on the
         first Monday of the month

Reference Documents



Stevens Creek Trail Joint Cities Working Team

Elected Representatives:

Mayor Pro Term, Jeannie Bruins, City of Los Altos

Vice Mayor, Pat Showalter, City of Mountain View

Vice Mayor, Tara Martin-Milius, City of Sunnyvale

Councilmember Darcy Paul, City of Cupertino

Nai Hsueh, Director, District 5, Santa Clara Valley Water District


Sokale Environmental Planning, Jana Sokale, Principal

City Staff Contacts

John Marchant, City of Mountain View
Cedric Novenario,  City of Los Altos
Gail Seeds, City of Cupertino
Kent Steffens, City of Sunnyvale

Citizen Working Group Members

City of Cupertino representatives
Rocky Gunderson
Jim Miller
Anne Ng
Vacant- Alternate

City of Los Altos representatives:
LaNae Avra
Judy Fulton
Gary Hedden
Bill Moniz - Alternate

City of Mountain View representatives
Ross Heitkamp
Jasneet Sharma
Greg Unangst
Terence Barton - Alternate

City of Sunnyvale representatives
Camie Hackson
Larry Klein
Tim Oey
Michelle Hornberger - Alternate





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