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Street Maintenance FAQ

How much advance notice will I get before my street is closed for street work?

Residents are given at least two (2)notices of our work schedule. A letter is hand-delivered door to door about one month before the scheduled work begins. "No Parking" signs are posted at least 2 days before the scheduled work to alert you of the dates and times of parking limitations. Also, this website is updated as early in the year as possible with a list of streets to recieve a treatment during that year. The website is then updated weekly if schedules change due to weather or other conditions.

How soon can I drive on the street?

Work crews close the street being worked on with orange cones and barricades. We ask for all traffic to stay off the street until the cones and barricades have been removed completely. If the cones and barricades are still in the street (even if pushed to the side), the street is still closed.

Why do street closures or maintenance work occur more than once on the same street?

Streets need to be prepared prior to the final resurfacing and swept following the surface treatment.

What processes may be required prior to the final resurfacing application?

Crack sealing – Street cracks are cleaned and filled with a crack seal material containing recycled rubber and asphalt. Patching – Defective areas are prepared by removal and replaced with new asphalt. Patches are marked and sawed prior to the final patching process. Grinding - On resurface projects, the edges may be ground to provide a smoother blending to curbs, gutters, and structures. Pavement Fabric (Petromat)

Why do I have to wait 8 to 10 years to have my street fixed?

It depends what the problem is.

The City routinely repairs pavement damage, such as potholes. Most other defects are repaired when the street is scheduled for preventive maintenance. In some cases, if reconstruction is necessary, the cost of expensive rehabilitation must be programmed, budgeted, and scheduled based upon available funding.

There are a lot of depressions and rough spots where the street has been dug up. Why doesn’t the City fix them?

The street right-of-way is also used for sewers, storm drain pipes and by private utilities like PG&E and SBC for their underground pipelines and conduits. As these private companies modify and repair their underground facilities, they obtain a utility cut permit from the Department of Public Works to excavate in the street. Public Works inspects utility cuts to make sure that excavations are properly replaced by the private companies.

If you have a concern regarding ongoing excavations in the street, you can call the Department of Public Works at 730-7605 for assistance.

If you are concerned about existing pavement damage, please call 730-7415 and our maintenance staff will investigate to determine who is responsible for repairing the damage.

Why is my new street surface rough when the next street over looks smooth?

The texture of the street surface will be different depending on which preventive maintenance application is done. A chip seal will seem "rough" whereas a slurry seal will usually seem "smoother". The reconstruction and overlay will appear the smoothest. The application that a street will get will depend on the traffic load and volume, a physical survey of the streets, and which application is the most cost effective for that street, depending upon the funding available.

Who to Call

To report potholes, pavement problems, damaged curb or gutter, call (408) 730-7415

For concerns about ongoing excavations or any other damage in the street caused by private contractors, call (408) 730-7605.


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