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The following streets are scheduled to have slurry seal applied and will be closed from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. on the dates listed below.

Streets Scheduled for Maintenance R-Z

 Day  Date  Street
Sat 4/29/2017 REAMWOOD from Elko s/s to Tasman
Wed 4/12/2017 REDROCK CT from Fairwood to west end
Mon 4/17/2017 ROMBERG from Gainsborough w/s to Manet
Wed 4/19/2017 SAGE HEN from Bryant to 1050 Castleton
Wed 5/10/2017 SAN PABLO from Amador s/s to south end - Rescheduled
Tues 4/25/2017 SAN PEDRO from Coachella to Duane
Sat 5/6/2017 SAN ZENO from Kifer to Sonora Ct ctr
Sun 5/7/2017 SAN ZENO from Sonora Ct ctr to west driveway ctr
Fri 5/5/2017 SANTA COLETA CT from Ferndale to south end
Sat 4/29/2017 SANTA TRINITA from Frys to Arques (outside lanes)
Sun 4/30/2017 SANTA TRINITA from Frys to Arques (inside lanes)
Wed 4/12/2017 SCHROEDER from Taylor to Arques
Tues 5/9/2017 SELKIRK from Heron to Lark
Thur 4/27/2017 SHERWOOD from Mary to Sherwood Ct
Thur 4/27/2017 SHERWOOD CT from Sherwood to south end
Thur 4/20/2017 SHIRLEY from Pajaro to Pastoria
Sun 5/7/2017 SONORA CT from San Zeno to west end
Fri 5/5/2017 SUNSET from McKinley to Iowa
Thur 5/11/2017 SUNSET from Iowa s/s to Sutter - Rescheduled
Thur 5/11/2017 SUNSET from Washington to McKinley - Rescheduled
Wed 5/3/2017 SUNSET from from Evelyn to Washington n/s
Mon 4/24/2017 SUSAN  from Bernardo e/s to Grape w/s
Thur 5/11/2017 SUTTER from Mary to Sunset ctr - Rescheduled
Fri 5/5/2017 TICONDEROGA from Elderberry ctr to Lime ctr
Thur 4/27/2017 TICONDEROGA from Bernardo to Elderberry ctr
Wed 4/26/2017 TURNSTONE from Bryant to Castelton n/s
Mon 4/24/2017 VANDERBILT from 678 Vanderbilt to Sesame
Mon 5/8/2017 VANDERBILT from Hollenbeck to 678 Vanderbilt
Mon 5/8/2017 VANDERBILT CT, W from Vanderbilt to north end
Mon 4/24/2017 VANDERBILT CT, E from Vanderbilt to north end
Wed 5/10/2017 VELVETLAKE from Lakehaven to Lakewood s/s - Rescheduled
Tues 4/25/2017 WAITE from Duane to Arbor
Fri 4/21/2017 WALNUT from Stowell to west end
Fri 5/5/2017 WASHINGTON from Deodor to w/s bridge @ Pila
Wed 5/3/2017 WASHINGTON from west end to Deodar
Wed 5/10/2017 WORLEY from Duane s/s to Maude n/s - Rescheduled


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