Computers and Wi-Fi

Sunnyvale Library ComputersThe Library provides 55 free, high-speed Internet computers for use by Library members. Members are allotted up to 90 minutes per day of access. Internet users must abide by the Library's Internet Policy. Printing is available for a charge using the Library’s print/photocopy Vendcard system.

All Internet computers are equipped with:

  • Internet Explorer Web browser
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader
  • Ability to use USB devices to save or attach files
  • Microsoft Office applications (Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint).

For Library Visitors Ages 13 and Up:
There are three types of computers available for library visitors ages 13 and older:

90-minute Computers (43 available)
90-minute Computers Reserved for qualified patrons through the American Disabilities Act (two available)

Use your Library Card and PIN number to sign in  Your PIN is your birthdate in MMDDYYYY format, by default.
Sessions end automatically.

For Library Visitors Ages 13 to 17:
Teens ages 13-17 are also able to access six 90-minute Computers in the Teen Center.

For Library Visitors Ages 8 to 12:

Parental permission is required for children ages 8-12 to use the Internet in the Library. Please complete the Internet Permission Form and bring it to the Children's Information Desk to be kept on file for your child.

There are four computers that may be used for up to 90 minutes per session. After the Internet Permission Form has been submitted, use your Library Card barcode and PIN number to sign in.

For Library Visitors Ages 7 and Younger:
Children ages 7 and younger are not eligible to have their own Internet sessions, but when appropriate, may share parents’ Internet sessions.

Printing, Scanning, and Faxing
Pay with cash, debit card, Apple Pay, Google Wallet or a print card at the Pay for Print Station in the Print / Copy Room, or with a print card at the Technology Center printer.

  • Black-and-white prints are 15 cents each.
  • Color prints are 35 cents each.
  • Faxing is offered for 50 cents per page.
  • Scanning is free.

Printing From a Library Computer
Follow these steps to print from any Library computer:

  1. Use the Print options within the application in use to print the document. A Print Control window will pop up on screen.
  2. In the Name field, enter a User ID of your choosing.
  3. Select Print Document. A confirmation will appear.
  4. Visit the Pay for Print Station at the Library within 2 hours of sending the document for printing. There is one station at the Technology Center, and another station in the Print/Copy Room.
  5. To obtain the document from the Pay for Print Station, insert cash or a vend card (on sale inside the Print/Copy Room), and enter the User ID you selected for your print request. Prints are $0.15 each.

Printing From a Personal Computer
To print a document from a personal computer from any location either inside or outside the Library, follow these steps:

  1. Visit
  2. Under the heading User Info, type either your name or a unique word for your print job.
  3. Under the heading Select Document, either:
    1. Browse…” on your computer and select the document you wish to print
    2. Copy and paste the URL (Website address) into the blank
  4. Click the right arrow at the bottom of the page, and you’ll see a “processing your request…” message.
  5. Select the number of copies and which pages to print.
  6. Click on the green printer icon.
  7. The message "Your request is being queued…" will appear. Then you should see another message “Your request has been processed” when it is time to pick up your printed document. Repeat steps 2-6 to add more documents to your print queue.
  8. Visit the Pay for Print Station at the Library within 2 hours of sending the document for printing. The station is located in the Print/Copy Room, after the stairs to the right of the Technology Center.
  9. To obtain the document from the Pay for Print Station, insert cash or a vend card (on sale inside the Print/Copy Room for $1), and enter the User Info name or unique word you selected for your print request. Prints are $0.15 each.

Visit to learn how to print from a mobile device or download a printer driver for frequent WiFi printing.

    Word Processing for Children
    Students in 8th grade and below may sign up at the Children's Information Desk for one hour per day on the Children's Word Processing PC, featuring Microsoft Word 2002.

    Wi-Fi Access
    Library visitors who bring a laptop computer or other Internet-enabled device have free access to the Library's wireless Internet network. Agreement to the Library's Wi-Fi policy is required to use this network.

    The wireless network is free to all Library visitors. Speeds will vary depending on your location within the Library and the number of simultaneous users. Power outlets are available throughout the Library. Please remember to exercise courtesy when using your laptop or mobile device, turn sound off or use headphones at a low volume, and do not string a power cord across walking paths.

    Need help connecting to the "Sunnyvale-Library" wireless network? View the Guidelines to Access the Sunnyvale Library Wireless Network.


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