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What book is the Library's Statue reading?
Visitors to the Library today cannot avoid passing a bronze statue of a man reading a book on a bench in front of the Library. A favorite of many Sunnyvale residents, he has come to represent the Library. Find out what he's reading and more about him on the Library Sculpture tribute page.

What other art does the Library have?
To answer this one, we've developed an Library Art page depicting the tapestry and stained glass window which brighten the interior space of the Library.


Can you adjust the temperature in the Library? I'm too cold/hot.
A major upgrade to the Library's air conditioning system was completed in late 2006. With the resulting improved efficiency of the new system, temperatures may feel cooler/warmer than you may have experienced during previous visits to the Library. If temperatures seem excessively warm or cold, please notify staff and consider moving to a different location within the library. Minor adjustments can be made to the temperatures, however, there are limitations on what can be done in accordance with City conservation measures.

What's inside the Time Capsule buried under the bricks at the Library's entrance?
You could wait until 2085 when the the time capsule is scheduled to be opened to find out the contents, or you could view the contents of the capsule now.


Can you change the placement of barcodes on your materials? They sometimes block the descriptions.
Barcodes need to be placed in specific locations on all materials to allow for efficient checkout by library staff or the self-checks. One option to consider is to go to the Library Catalog and look up the title of the item you are considering and on the page that lists the copies, select the "More Info" button. There may be a summary, table of contents, review, or even the first chapter to help you decide if the item appeals to you.

Can you buy more large print materials?
The large print collection is becoming more popular as the population ages. We purchase new titles each month and plan to expand this collection as space allows.


Does the Library accept donations?
Yes. The Library accepts donations of books and other materials. View the current donation policy.


Can I use my flash drive with the Library's computers?


Is the Library hiring right now?
All City job postings can be viewed from the City's Employment Opportunities page. If there are no current opportunities of interest to you, you can request to be notified of future employment opportunities by using the form provided on the Employment Opportunities page.

Library Cards

Could you get key chain size library cards?
The Library now offers key chain sized and traditional wallet sized library cards. Inquire at the Circulation Desk if you would like a new card.

Library Catalog

Please refer to the Catalog FAQs page.


Are there any open volunteer positions at the Library?
The Library welcomes volunteers, and in fact, currently has more than 100 dedicated people volunteering in various capacities. If you are interested in volunteering, check the Volunteer Resources Program page for open recruitments and complete a Volunteer Application.


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