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Sunnyvale History

Sunnyvale Historical Newspapers

Sunnyvale historical newspapers are now available online. Use full text searching to find articles, historical documents and photos. Turn black and white images into real photos with adjustable grayscale. The Sunnyvale digital newspaper collection includes the newspapers listed below.

  • Standard Register Leader (1966-70)
  • Sunnyvale Daily Standard (1959-66)
  • Sunnyvale Daily Standard / Mountain View Register Leader (1964-66)
  • Sunnyvale Scribe (1972-76)
  • Sunnyvale Standard (1908-09; 1913-24; 1929-31; 1935-59)
  • Sunnyvale Standard Register Leader (1970)
  • Sunnyvale Valley Journal (1974-75)
  • Valley Journal (1970-81)
  • Valley Standard (1964-65)
  • Valley Standard Weekly Guide and South Peninsula Portrait (1965)
  • West Valley Times (1963-65)

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Sunnyvale Stories Online

For more than a decade, the City of Sunnyvale has been collecting stories from residents about what life was like when they first arrived in Sunnyvale, past experiences and memories of living and working in Sunnyvale and Silicon Valley. The City continues to seek stories from residents, and in particular, would like to expand the collection to include stories from immigrants to Sunnyvale from India, China, Japan, Korea, Nicaragua, Russia and other countries, especially in the last 40 years. We invite you to share your story with us, and in return, we'll give you a DVD copy of your mini-film.

Books, Videos and Oral Histories (Available at the Reference Section of the Library)

Historical Building Information

Heritage Preservation Commission

The Heritage Preservation Commission, comprised of seven members, acts in an advisory capacity to City Council and has certain decision-making authority on the restoration, maintenance and operation of heritage resources throughout the City.

Other Historical Resources



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