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Bid on City Projects

The Competitive Bidding Process
Current Bid Information
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City purchases are made through a competitive bidding process in which purchases are divided into formal and informal categories.

Formal purchases are valued at more than $50,000.  Bid invitations for formal purchases are advertised on the Onvia DemandStar web site.  Bid invitations for public works projects are also advertised in The Sunnyvale Sun.  Formal sealed bids must be submitted to the Purchasing Division, 650 West Olive Avenue, Sunnyvale, CA 94086.  Formal bids are opened publicly by the Purchasing Officer on the date and at or shortly after the time set for receipt of bids.  Award of a contract valued at more than $100,000 resulting from a formal bid invitation is made by the City Council.

Informal purchases are valued at $50,000 or less.  Informal purchases are solicited through written price quotations, and may also be advertised on Onvia DemandStar.  Quotations may be submitted directly to the requesting Buyer by telephone, fax, mail, or e-mail.  Contracts for informal purchases are awarded by the Purchasing Officer.


The City of Sunnyvale is a member of Onvia DemandStar, the leading government purchasing network.  Suppliers can view detailed bid information, see planholders lists, and order copies of bid documents online through Onvia DemandStar.  To view the list of current bids, click here.

Suppliers who are registered bidders will receive automatic notification of bids available.   Onvia DemandStar members can download bid documents at no charge; non-members will be charged a nominal fee.  Bid packages may also be obtained at the Purchasing Division, City Hall Annex, 650 West Olive Avenue, Sunnyvale, California 94086.


The City of Sunnyvale welcomes the opportunity to do business with interested suppliers.  The City's Purchasing Division is interested in fostering participation by all suppliers offering goods and services that may be used by the City.

In order to facilitate a greater distribution of its bid opportunities, the City has joined Onvia DemandStar, the leading government purchasing network, which brings together government agencies and suppliers.  Onvia DemandStar membership enables the City to improve service to suppliers by providing automatic bid notification and instant access to bid information via the web. 

Suppliers are encouraged to participate in the City's system of electronic bid distribution.  Membership in the Onvia DemandStar network offers suppliers a number of important benefits:

  • Suppliers will receive automatic and immediate notification via e-mail or fax of Invitations for Bid, Requests for Proposals, and Requests for Quotations issued by the City of Sunnyvale and any other governmental agency in Santa Clara County that participates in the DemandStar network.
  • Suppliers will have 24-hour access to current bid information, including bid results, contract awards, planholders lists, and profile information.
  • Suppliers will be notified only of bid opportunities they have determined are relevant to their businesses.
  • Suppliers may be able to download bid documents from the Internet at no charge.

Suppliers may register online at Onvia DemandStar, or by calling (800) 711-1712 and requesting a registration form be faxed to them.  If you are already registered with Onvia DemandStar for any other Santa Clara County agency, you do not need to register again. 

Onvia DemandStar has recently implemented an Agency Level Subscription option that will allow suppliers to download bid documents and transact business with any one agency FREE.  The subscription allows a supplier to:  receive notice of the agency's formal bid opportunities, have unlimited downloads for all electronically uploaded bid documents, and to have the subscription automatically renewed annually.  To register for an Agency Level Subscription for the City of Sunnyvale, click here

Registration with Onvia DemandStar is not a requirement for doing business with the City of Sunnyvale.  Suppliers who choose not to register with Onvia DemandStar will still be able to get bid information by monitoring the City's web site.  If a supplier is not registered with Onvia DemandStar, it will not receive automatic notification of bid opportunities, but bids may be downloaded from the internet for a nominal fee.  In addition, suppliers may obtain a copy of the bid package at the Purchasing Division office, Sunnyvale City Hall Annex, 650 West Olive Avenue, Sunnyvale, California, 94086.

General information on doing business with the City of Sunnyvale Purchasing Division may be found on the Doing Business with the City of Sunnyvale page of this site.


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