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Neighborhood Associations

Neighborhood Associations in Sunnyvale

Neighborhood associations are a valuable asset to the Sunnyvale community and provide opportunities to meet your neighbors, engage in social activities, promote community pride and improve local safety. There are 26 neighborhood associations in Sunnyvale, each with its own set of goals and objectives.  Information about Sunnyvale’s current associations is below:

All neighborhood association leaders are encouraged to join Sunnyvale Neighborhoods, an umbrella organization for the officers of Sunnyvale Neighborhood Associations. Sunnyvale Neighborhoods meets quarterly and enables neighborhood association leaders to meet, exchange ideas, and hear about what is going on in Sunnyvale. It provides opportunities to meet with city officials and greatly enhances local neighborhood activities.

Resources Available to Neighborhood Associations:

  • Neighborhood Grants 
  • Free use of park facilities as City resources allow for meetings and/or special events.
  • Regular information on relevant activities through the city-wide Neighborhood Association Yahoo! Group.
  • Invitation for Neighborhood Association leaders to attend information-packed quarterly meetings and access to detailed notes available for dissemination.
  • Opportunity to share best-practices with neighborhood association leaders across Sunnyvale.

Now Accepting Applications for the Neighborhood Grant Program

The City of Sunnyvale Neighborhood Grant Program is now accepting applications for events or projects occurring between July 2017 to June 2018. Through this program, grant funds are provided to neighborhood groups for events or projects that help build community engagement, develop a sense of pride and ownership and/or improve the quality of life in their neighborhoods. See the documents below for more information about the program and to determine if your group qualifies. Applications are due by Friday April 7, 2017 by 5 p.m.

Starting a Neighborhood Association 

Associations are typically formed to address a problem or challenge with the help of other residents and/or to further a sense of community. If you are interested in starting a neighborhood association, we recommend you:

  • Check the map above to make sure there is not already a neighborhood association in your area.
  • Contact other neighborhood association  leaders for best practices and tips on how they started their association.
  • Review the Starting a Neighborhood Associationdocument for tips.

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