Sunnyvale’s Population Increases by 0.8 Percent over 2013 Estimate
The State’s Department of Finance (DOF) released updated population estimates which show Sunnyvale’s new population for 2014 as 147,055. The DOF also adjusted the previous estimate for Sunnyvale’s 2013 population slightly downward to 145,864 and, as a result, the city’s population increased by 0.8 percent. This increase is in line with the State’s overall growth of 0.9 percent. While the 2010 census data is the standard baseline for population data, the annual estimates can change from year to year based on updates in data provided to the state by cities and counties such as numbers of births and deaths and migration patterns.

Hungry?  New Restaurants to Open Soon!\
Sunnyvale continues to be an attractive location for restaurants.  In addition to the many wonderful restaurants already in the city, the restaurants listed below have signed leases to open locations in Sunnyvale and may be open by late summer/early fall:



Beach Hut Deli


Super Taqueria

El Camino Real/Bernardo (former Carl’s Jr.)

High Tech Burrito

Dollinger Center (Lawrence/Arques)

Panera (2nd Sunnyvale location)

Dollinger Center (Lawrence/Arques)

Off the Stick

Arques Center (Arques/DeGuigne)

Subway (7th Sunnyvale location)

Arques Center (Arques/DeGuigne)

Registrar of Voters’ Office Use of City Hall Campus for June 3 Primary Election
The Santa Clara County Registrar of Voters' office will use the Garden Conference Room as a polling place for the Primary Election on Tuesday, June 3.

The Registrar of Voters' office will also use the All America Way parking lot to issue and receive voting supplies on Saturday, May 31, from 7:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. Please avoid parking in the All America Way parking lot at this time.

As a reminder, a Vote by Mail ballot drop-box is located in the Finance Office at 650 W. Olive Ave. Santa Clara County voters may place their Vote by Mail ballot in that box until 5 p.m. on June 3. On June 3, a drop-box will also be located in the Garden Conference Room.

Friendly Exchange City Update – Iizuka, Japan
Community representatives founded the Sunnyvale Sister City Association (SSCA) in the fall of 2013 to promote relations between the City of Sunnyvale and the City of Iizuka in Japan. Last year, the cities entered into a Friendship Exchange Relation Agreement. In 2014, the SSCA is focused on its inaugural student exchange. Fremont High School and Sunnyvale Middle School are at the center of these activities. Students from both schools are already exchanging greeting cards and video letters. The SSCA will soon initiate its S2I Project (Sunnyvale to Iizuka) when 11 high school or middle school students will visit Iizuka from June 16 to 25. The City of Iizuka is preparing a welcome celebration and many activities for their visit including visits to Iizuka schools and attending classes. In return, on August 20, middle school students from Iizuka will arrive in Sunnyvale for the I2S Project (Iizuka to Sunnyvale) and they will attend Sunnyvale Middle School. In addition, this August the City of Iizuka will help to plant over a dozen donated cherry trees in several places in Sunnyvale, including City Hall, the Sunnyvale Library and various City parks. The City will host a small planting ceremony at City Hall at 2 p.m. on August 25. Iizuka’s School Superintendent plans to attend the ceremony as it will coincide with the visit from Iizuka students.

Council Liaisons to Boards and Commissions
As a reminder, on July 1, the Council Liaisons will rotate for the July – December 2014 time period:

July – December 2014

Council Seat




Gustav Larsson

Parks and Recreation Commission


Glenn Hendricks

Sustainability Commission


Jim Griffith

Art Commission


David Whittum

Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Commission


Pat Meyering

Board of Library Trustees


Jim Davis

Heritage Preservation Commission


Tara Martin-Milius

Housing and Human Services Commission

Staff liaisons to boards and commissions will email agenda materials for the July board/commission meeting to the new Council Liaisons.

Updated Council Information Sheet Reflects New Councilmembers and City Manager
The Communications Division has revised the Council Information Sheet to reflect the appointment of Deanna Santana as Sunnyvale’s new City Manager and the newly elected City Councilmembers. The Information Sheet is a reference document for the public that provides an overview of the City’s governance, the Council meeting process, a seating chart in the Council Chambers and meeting details for the City’s Boards and Commissions. Copies are available in the City Hall lobby and online at


Public Safety Deploys New AED Units
This month, Public Safety deployed 53 new Philips FR3 automated external defibrillators (AED) units throughout the police and fire bureaus.  The FR3 unit is smaller and lighter than the older model and has the ability to transfer patient data via Bluetooth capability, which is critical for ongoing patient care and assessment. AEDs play an important role in life safety and DPS is very fortunate to have an AED unit in every emergency response vehicle. Every Sunnyvale Public Safety Officer undergoes a six-week Emergency Medical Technician (EMT-B) Academy, where they receive certification on EMS/First Aid training, including how to properly use an AED.
AEDs have truly improved our ability to provide better patient care. In fact, last year Sunnyvale Public Safety Officers deployed AEDs 76 times and were credited with saving five lives.

Helicopter Rescue Operations Training
On Sunday, May 11, Public Safety personnel attended a Countywide Technical Rescue Drill at Lake Cunningham Park in San Jose. The training was provided by the California Department Forestry and Fire Protection (CAL FIRE) and the California Highway Patrol (CHP).  This training focused on aircraft rescue skills and hands-on Urban Search and Rescue (USAR) ground operations.

The training scenarios provided an introduction of the rescue equipment and aircraft capabilities, the hoisting of personnel from the ground into the helicopter, how to properly secure a patient into a rescue litter to be safely hoisted into the helicopter, and loading of personnel and a litter in preparation for flight.

The training was essential and valuable for all personnel who may be called upon to rescue someone from a creek bed, the bay lands, mountains or a disaster area. The coordinators of the training credited Public Safety Lieutenant Marshall Clifford with the original idea for the training and his hard work over the past two years to make the training happen.
The training provided an opportunity for Public Safety Lieutenant Ron Locke to be hoisted into the CHP helicopter.

“AVOID THE 13” Memorial Day Weekend DUI Campaign
Santa Clara County law enforcement agencies participate in the “AVOID THE 13” campaign throughout the year.  The campaign focuses enforcement efforts targeted at reducing DUI-related incidents during specified holidays.  This year’s Memorial Day Weekend AVOID THE 13 campaign started at 12:01 a.m. on Friday, May 23, and concluded at midnight on Monday, May 26.  During the campaign, patrol officers were directed to proactively and strictly enforce DUI laws so as to lower collisions, injuries, and fatalities associated with driving under the influence.  Throughout the campaign’s operational period, a patrol officer was designated specifically for DUI enforcement on a 24-hour basis.  On the first night of the campaign, the Traffic Safety Unit provided saturated DUI patrol from 9 p.m. to 2 a.m. as part of an AVOID THE 13 grant provided by the California Office of Traffic Safety.

At the conclusion of the holiday campaign, officers arrested four subjects for DUI and one subject with an outstanding arrest warrant for DUI.  Additionally, the department can thankfully report that we did not experience a single DUI-related collision resulting in an injury nor fatality during the same time period.


Concrete Sidewalks, Curbs, Gutters, and Driveway Approaches 2013
The work completed consists of the reconstruction of concrete sidewalks, curbs and gutters, at 309 locations throughout Sunnyvale.  It included approximately 39,000 square feet of sidewalks, 6,900 square feet of driveway aprons, and 9,300 feet of curbs and gutters. The project was successfully completed within its $646,000 construction budget.

Grant Applications
The Active Transportation Program (ATP) cycle one recently concluded.  The ATP is a statewide program that funds projects that increase biking, walking and safety improvements for non-motorized users.  As part of this grant cycle the City applied for two different grants.  One grant application proposes to construct new sidewalk access to both the Sunnyvale and Lawrence Caltrain stations at a cost of $700,000.  The other grant proposes a modification to the signal at Sunnyvale and Maude to enhance pedestrian access to Bishop Elementary at a cost of $725,000.  Grant recipients will be notified within the next few months. If successful the grant will fund approximately 88 percent of the project costs.


Building Permit Applications - Milestones and Highlights

  • Apple Tenant Improvement a 927 Kifer Road - A building permit has been issued for Apple to move into the one-story, 9,600 square foot building at 927 Kifer Road. The permit is for tenant improvements for an auto testing center with lobby, conference room and break room. *
  • Apple to Occupy Sunnyvale Crossing Campus – The Sunnyvale Crossing campus near N. Wolfe Road and Central Expressway, the former Maxim site, will be occupied by Apple. A building permit has been issued for tenant improvements in a portion of the building at 160 San Gabriel Drive. Staff will continue to work closely with the architects for these projects to ensure future building permit plan reviews are completed in a timely manner.
  • UFC Gym to Move into 733 S. Wolfe Road – A Use Permit was approved at a Zoning Administrator Hearing in November 2013 to allow a gym to move into the former Safeway space at 733 S. Wolfe Road. A building permit was submitted and has been approved for the modifications to be made inside the tenant space as well as improvements to the parking lot. The permit was issued last week and work should begin shortly.
      * This update has been revised to correct the previous project description (02/12/2016)

Planning Applications—Milestones and Highlights

  • 625 E. Taylor Ave.  – A Preliminary Review application was submitted for a 20-unit, three-story townhouse project in the Fair Oaks Junction area. This infill site would be located south of the Charities/Mid-Pen affordable development. Hunt Hale Jones Architects submitted this Preliminary Review; the developer is unknown. Eventually a formal application could be filed, which would be subject to review by the Planning Commission.
  • 680 E. Taylor Ave. – This application for a Special Development Permit (SDP) and Tentative Map is for 18 townhomes. It would expand a 49-unit townhouse development to the east, approved by the Planning Commission in August 2013. Warmington Residential is the developer for both portions. The new site would share the driveway approved for the prior project and contribute a recreation building for the entire site. This application will be reviewed by the Planning Commission.
  • 300 W. Iowa Ave. – Formal Special Development Permit and Tentative Map applications were filed by Classic Communities for 13 detached single-family residential units. The building on this site (which will be demolished as part of the application) was originally a bank and later became a private athletic facility. The applications are subject to Planning Commission review.
  • 1071 Noriega Ave. – Formal Special Development Permit and Tentative Map applications were filed by Classic Communities for a 10 residential townhouse development and tentative map. The project would replace 10 apartments. Applications are subject to Planning Commission review.
  • 803 W. El Camino Real – SummerHill Homes has submitted Special Development Permit and Tentative Map applications for a mixed-use development of 32,500 square feet of retail/office space and 112 residential condominium units. The developer is holding a community outreach meeting on June 5.  (See item below on Developer Community Outreach Meetings.) The applications require Planning Commission review.
  • 915 De Guigne Drive – Special Development Permit and Tentative Map applications were filed for residential development and are associated with a General Plan Amendment study (authorized by the City Council in May 2014) and rezoning request. Watt Investments at Sunnyvale LLC is the applicant. The General Plan Amendment request is from Industrial to Residential Medium Density (RMed) and the Rezoning application is from Industrial and Service (M-S) to Medium Density Residential/Planned Development (R-3/PD). The application is currently for 451 townhouse units. During the process of project review, the site plan, architecture and unit style could change. Staff has initiated the process to bring on consultants to prepare an Environmental Impact Report, a fiscal analysis and Sense of Place plan for the larger East Sunnyvale area. The applicant is required to fund all of these studies.
  • 725 Kifer Road – A Use Permit application was filed by Sunnyvale Community Services to allow the use of five storage pods and to provide onsite, exterior distribution events. The application requires Zoning Administrator review.

Upcoming Developer Community Outreach Meetings
SummerHill Homes has mailed out a notice of their June 5 community outreach open house (SummerHill-Pastoria Neighborhood Meeting flyer is attached).  The project is a redevelopment of the 2.97-acre site at the northwest corner of W. El Camino Real and S. Pastoria Ave. The site is currently developed with a shopping center (brick buildings), a Jack-in-the-Box and a vacant corner parcel which hosts seasonal pumpkin and Christmas tree sales. The site also has frontage on Olive Avenue. The open house will be from 6:30 to 8 p.m. on Thursday, June 5, at the Sunnyvale Community Center, 550 E. Remington Drive, in the Neighborhood Room. A copy of the flyer was mailed to property owners and residents within 1,000 feet and to several neighborhood associations. Staff will attend the meeting.

Green Building Update Outreach Meetings
Two outreach meetings (one in the morning and the other in the evening) have been scheduled for Thursday, June 5, to discuss the proposed green building updates. The morning meeting will be held at the City Library from 8:30 to 10 a.m. and the evening meeting will be held at the Sunnyvale Community Center from 6:30 to 8 p.m.  The same information will be discussed at both meetings.

The meetings will be led by Sunnyvale Planning and Building Divisions of the Community Development Department and will provide members of the public with opportunities to ask questions and provide feedback about the study. (Green Building Outreach Notice flyer is attached.)

For questions about the study or the meeting, please contact Andy Miner, Principal Planner, at or 408-730-7707.

Study Issue on Noticing for Development Applications
The City Council combined two study issues regarding improving public outreach and noticing that were selected and ranked as the number one study issue for the Community Development Department for 2014 (CDD 14-08 Increase Noticing Distance and Related Submittal Requirements for Large Projects and CDD 14-13 Methods of Posting Public Notices on Development Projects). The purpose of these studies is to consider additional requirements for development projects that meet a certain threshold, consider increasing the noticing distance, or other noticing options for projects of a certain threshold (height, size, units, etc.).

City staff is hosting two community meetings to solicit feedback from the community:

  • Wednesday, June 11, 8:30 – 9:30 a.m.
  • Wednesday, June 18, 6:30 – 7:30 p.m.

Both meetings will be held in the West Conference Room at Sunnyvale City Hall, 456 W. Olive Ave.

In addition to the community meetings, there is a short survey to help identify community concerns and expectations. The survey can be found at the following link: .

For those community members who cannot attend an outreach meeting and would like to provide input or would like to be added to an interest list to receive future notifications, please contact Amber El-Hajj (Senior Planner, Planning Division) at: 408-730-2723 or .

Notice was emailed to various outreach lists maintained by the Planning Division for active study issues including: neighborhood associations, developers, advocacy groups, and business associations. Planning staff is working with the Communications Officer to share the announcement through social media outlets. Please forward the information along to interested parties.

The Planning Commission and City Council Public Hearings will be held in August 2014. 

Draft 2015-2023 Housing Element Released May 23 for Public Review
Housing staff published the draft Housing Element on Friday, May 23, for public review that will consist of public hearings before the Housing and Human Services and Planning Commissions, and Council between May 28 and August 12.  After the Council hearing on August 12, the Draft will be sent to the state for its review for compliance with state law. After the state review, the Draft, with any recommended changes, will go through another round of public hearings before being formally adopted into the General Plan by Council.  A legal ad about the hearings and the Draft availability for public review was published in the Sunnyvale Sun on Friday, May 16.  In addition, staff sent email notices about the review period and the public hearings to more than 2,800 email addresses including stakeholders, neighborhood associations, nonprofit organizations, developers, and others interested in housing, as well as to the Below Market Rate Housing interest list and the Santa Clara County Affordable Housing Collaborative list-serve. Notice of the May 28 hearing before the Housing and Human Services Commission was also published in the City’s Housing e-newsletter in April and May and in the City Manager’s Biweekly Blog on May 19. The Draft is now available for public review at the One-Stop Permit Center and the Sunnyvale Library, and online at Written comments on the draft may be submitted to until August 11, 2014.

HUD CDBG Monitoring
The City’s Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) representative from Housing and Urban Development (HUD) will conduct an on-site monitoring visit from June 2 to June 5. The goals of the monitoring visit are to assess the management of the City’s recent CDBG-funded projects and activities, confirm that funds are being used to support eligible activities, ensure that low- and moderate-income individuals and families are being served by program funds, and to ensure that the City is complying with federal requirements. The HUD representative will primarily be spending time in the Housing Division office reviewing project files, although he may also make brief site visits to some of the City’s CDBG grantees and/or other City facilities and offices where CDBG funds have been used for certain projects, such as the Columbia Neighborhood Center.  

HOME Program Annual Inspections
Housing staff has begun its annual inspections of the City's HOME-funded (Home Invested Partnerships) rental units to ensure the units meet HUD's Housing Quality Standards. When housing providers borrow HOME funds from the City for their affordable housing projects, the HOME-assisted units are inspected by the City on a regular basis to ensure they meet the housing quality standards (HQS) set forth by HUD. This year’s annual monitoring effort will include inspecting the interior and exterior of 72 HOME-assisted rental units for health and safety issues and to ensure the units are in a habitable condition.

Affordable Homes for Sale
The City’s Below Market Rate (BMR) Program currently has three affordable homes listed for sale, including: a new four-bedroom BMR townhome at 37 Degrees North, a new four-bedroom townhome at Las Palmas Gardens, and a three-bedroom resale townhome built in 2008 on E. Evelyn Avenue. All of these homes are available for sale on a first-come, first-served basis. There is no waiting list at this time. Prospective buyers may call the Housing Division at 408-730-7250 or 408-730-7812 for more information about these homes or how to apply. The BMR Program Guidelines, application forms, and buyer agreements are available for review online at:

2015-2020 Consolidated Plan Update
Housing and community development staff of the CDBG entitlement jurisdictions in Santa Clara County have been collaborating recently on plans for the next update of each jurisdiction’s Five-Year Consolidated Plan. These long-term strategic plans must be submitted to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) by May 15, 2015, and set forth how the jurisdictions intend to use their HUD grants in the next five years, in general programmatic terms.  Jurisdictions participating in this effort include the cities of Cupertino, Gilroy, Mountain View, Palo Alto, San Jose, Santa Clara, Sunnyvale, and the Santa Clara Urban County.  The primary reasons for collaborating on this effort, which is very similar to what was implemented in 2010 for that Consolidated Plan update, are the following: much of the content for these plans will be the same or very similar for all of the jurisdictions, due to the standard HUD content required for the plans; and much of the background data required in the plans is only available at the county level. Therefore it can be obtained for one price by all the jurisdictions as a group rather than each jurisdiction paying for it separately. In 2010 the collaboration resulted in a cost-savings of approximately 80 percent to the City compared to what it would have cost if the City were to have hired its own consultant separately to provide the data and complete the plan.

In March, Palo Alto staff released a request for proposals on behalf of the participating jurisdictions for consultant services related to the Consolidated Plan updates.  Two proposals were received by the deadline.  Staff representatives from each participating jurisdiction were invited to participate in the review and scoring of the proposals, and the group intends to select a consultant by June. The consultant will be hired under contract to the county, and each city will pay its proportional share of the cost, based on its share of county population.  Housing staff included $10,000 in CDBG Administrative funds for this task in the Recommended FY 2014/15 Operating Budget.


Schedule Change for Solar Projects Study Issue
The schedule for the staff report on potential solar projects at City facilities has changed from the June 10 City Council meeting, and is now set for consideration on June 11 by the Parks and Recreation Commission, June 16 by the Sustainability Commission, and July 15 by the City Council. The additional time allowed staff to further evaluate recent solar acquisition project approaches in the context of Sunnyvale’s policies and procedures. Notifications about the schedule change were sent to all the community meeting attendees, the Friends of Parks and Recreation email list, and to local neighborhood associations. 

SMaRT Station® Request for Proposals Update
The City received three proposals on January 22 in response to the Request for Proposals (RFP) for SMaRT Station operations. The RFP solicits proposals for operation of the Sunnyvale Materials Recovery and Transfer Station for seven years, 2015-2021. A panel comprised of staff representatives of the three SMaRT Cities (Mountain View, Palo Alto and Sunnyvale) and consultants HF&H and HDR reviewed the proposals and conducted proposer interviews in February.

A staff recommendation and Council action on award of the contract were scheduled for May 20, but staff has not concluded contract negotiations with the top-ranked proposer. The project team continues to work actively with the proposer to complete the process and currently plans to bring a recommendation to Council at its meeting of June 24.

Bus Advertising Campaign
The Environmental Services Department is launching a twitter campaign on June 2 to raise public awareness on the importance of keeping pollutants out of the storm drain by reminding individuals that anything that flows into them goes directly into our creeks and the Bay. The campaign will have weekly questions, challenges and pollution prevention tips. Follow us @Green_Sunnyvale to participate in the campaign.

Simultaneously, a bus ad campaign will run. The campaign consists of bus ads that will be on the side of a minimum of 50 buses. This campaign is scheduled to run from June 2 to June 29, with the possibility of the time frame being extended, at no additional charge, if replacement ads are not available. The buses come from the North Yard and encompass most of the routes in Sunnyvale and Mountain View, along with areas in Santa Clara, Cupertino, San Jose, Stanford, Los Altos and Loyola. 

Trash Cleanup along Sunnyvale’s Waterways
City staff and community volunteers worked to remove trash and debris from local waterways.  On May 17, 19 and 20, Environmental Services completed the annual cleanup of trash at its five designated creek/shoreline trash hot spots along Sunnyvale's creeks and channels. The area cleaned at each site consists of 300 feet on each side of a creek/channel and 600 feet on one side of a shoreline or creek with access to only one side. This cleanup is required under the City's stormwater permit, also known as the Municipal Regional Permit (MRP).  All Bay Area cities regulated by this permit have similar requirements. During this year’s cleanup, City staff and volunteers collected approximately 350 pounds of trash and an additional 8.3 cubic feet of large debris. This amount exceeds what was collected last year, partly due to switching one of our locations to one further upstream.

In addition, Environmental Services hosted a National River Cleanup Day event on Saturday, May 17. This annual event is organized by the County’s Creek Connection Action Group.  Twenty-six volunteers cleaned litter and trash from approximately 2.2 miles along the Sunnyvale East Channel. The area cleaned spanned from south of Blythe to the Guadalupe Slough. In addition, a half-mile section along Calabazas Creek, which borders Baylands Park, was cleaned, for a total of 2.7 miles cleaned by the volunteers.

In less than three hours, volunteers picked up approximately 1,010 pounds of trash. The most common items found included foam food packaging, cigarette butts, bottles, plastic bags and snack or fast food wrappers. Only 20 pounds of recyclable materials were collected. The amount collected this year is the same amount collected last year. On a positive note, more than one volunteer noted that the amount of plastic bags found has decreased!


Court Orders Further Briefing in RDA Lawsuit
On April 25, the Successor Agency of the former Redevelopment Agency (RDA) presented arguments before Judge Frawley in the Sacramento County Superior Court on two related cases concerning the implementation of the dissolution law.  After considering the written and oral arguments of the both parties, the court determined that a supplemental briefing is warranted to address additional questions.

The questions focus on whether the debt obligation of the 1977 Repayment Contract was made binding with the adoption of the 2012 Amended and Restated Agreement for the Certificates of Participation, and whether the legislature intended retroactively to invalidate payments legally made at the time the payment was made.

The supplemental questions do not offer any indication on how he intends to rule.  Statewide court decisions on the dissolution cases at the trial court level have not fared well for cities.  Staff will keep Council informed on the final outcome and the next steps to be taken in this dissolution process. 

Sales and Use Tax Audit Recoveries
The Finance Department contracts with Hinderliter, de Llamas and Associates (HdL), a revenue management company, to perform audits on the City’s sales and use tax accounts.  Typical tax allocation errors include:

  • Revenue miscoded to the county use tax pool that should have been allocated to the City directly.
  • Businesses relocating to Sunnyvale without registering the location change with the State Board of Equalization.
  • Taxes from small chain stores that are not broken out by location. 

For calendar year 2013, HdL recovered over $120,000 in new revenue, bringing the total amount recovered to approximately $860,000 from the beginning of the contract in 2000 through the end of calendar year 2013.

Over the past decade, sales and use tax revenue has declined from 32 percent of the General Fund revenue to 21 percent, as projected in the Fiscal Year 2014/15 Recommended Budget.  Audit recovery has become increasingly important to ensure that every possible dollar of this vital revenue resource is maintained. 

Library and community services

Volunteers Contribute to Successful Hands on the Arts Festival
Beautiful weather, fun new projects and more than 130 dedicated volunteers made for another successful Hands on the Arts children’s art festival held on Saturday, May 17, at the Sunnyvale Community Center.  Responses from the 100 parents surveyed were overwhelmingly positive, indicating families spent an average of four hours at the festival, with kids completing an average of 11 projects and watching two stage performances.
This year’s event featured 38 artist-led workshops. With a steady afternoon breeze, the kite-making activity was among the busiest. Popular new booths included Chinese knotting and fairy houses made from recycled corks and eucalyptus pods gathered on site. Returning favorites included silly snakes made from old neckties and sand bottle painting. Volunteers played a key role, contributing nearly 760 service hours on event day. Workshops were staffed with 46 volunteer artist’s assistants recruited by the artists and 86 volunteers, including many high school students, from the community at large. Five professional artists also worked pro bono for the event. Planning for the 30th anniversary Hands on the Arts festival, slated for May 16, 2015, will begin soon. To request information on hosting an arts workshop, performing, volunteering or participating as a sponsor, email

California Theatre Center Agreement Signed
California Theatre Center (CTC) and the City of Sunnyvale have reached a new two-year agreement regarding the community theater group’s use of the Sunnyvale Theatre for performances for young audiences through the 2015-16 performance season.  CTC requested to shorten its School & Family season by approximately 20 percent, benefitting both CTC and the City. The season will begin in October and end in early May, with breaks to match the local school district vacation periods. This change, coupled with similar changes made by Sunnyvale Community Players earlier this year, will allow the 200-seat Sunnyvale Theatre to increase its rental availability and serve a wider variety of cultural and performing arts groups in the community. For more information about the Sunnyvale Theatre, visit:

Library’s Summer Reading Program Starts June 1
Although fun for everyone, summer reading is especially important for children and teens. According to the U.S. Department of Education, on average, students lose the equivalent of two months of math and reading skills during the summer.  However, summer reading programs and their accompanying activities encourage young children and families to read regularly. Having free materials available at the public library can make the difference between a summer setback and summer success.

Registration for the Library’s annual summer reading program takes place between Sunday, June 1 and Tuesday, July 15 at the Library, or online at This year’s theme is “Paws to Read!” with many related activities planned throughout the summer. Children who read or listen to 10 books will receive a free book. Teens who read or listen to seven books will receive a book or a backpack. Adults who read or listen to five books will receive a $5 gift certificate which can be redeemed for books, movies or music on sale from the Friends of the Library at their book sales. Participants need to finish their books by Sunday, August 3, to be eligible to receive a prize.

Better Bones and Balance for Older Adults
The Better Bones & Balance Program® is an evidence-based exercise program that will soon be held at the Sunnyvale Community Center. The class is designed to gradually improve the strength and balance of older adults, allowing them to avoid falls and maintain independence. Fitness steps and weighted vests will be used for weight-bearing exercises during the class. The class is appropriate for men and women and is designed for individuals with osteoporosis. The class will be taught by a physical therapist that is a certified Better Bones & Balance Program® instructor and has 20 years of experience working with adults. To learn more about osteoporosis and find out how the Better Bones & Balance Program® can help you, call 408-730-7360 to be placed on the class interest list.

Art in Schools and in the Community
The Columbia Neighborhood Center (CNC) is pleased to partner with Euphrat Museum of Art at De Anza College since, as one participant said of their program, “It’s the best art class in the world.” With funding support from CNC, the Euphrat Museum of Art provides free after-school art classes for students at Nimitz, San Miguel, Lakewood and Fairwood elementary schools, and Columbia Middle School. Through these classes, students are exposed to a variety of art techniques, styles and projects, which can prepare them for future jobs in art or design. Because of the supportive environment, students gain confidence in their ability to try new things. Roselyn, a fifth grader, said she likes the class because “It is a free, fun place where mistakes are never bad and a place where fun blooms.”

The Art in the Schools program provides approximately 2,500 instructional hours per year, and serves 250 students. Art instructors at the five schools also receive art-related training, and assist in producing exhibits to showcase the students’ art. In addition, Euphrat staff also participates in camps held at CNC. During one camp with a heavy emphasis on recycling and protecting our waterways, presented by Sunnyvale’s Environmental Services Departments Earth Care Kids program, participants used materials that would otherwise have ended up in the landfill to produce eco-art.

Borrow Free eBooks from the Library from the Convenience of Home
Do you own a tablet, Kindle or Nook? Then you are among the nearly 50 percent of Americans who do, with that percentage likely higher in Sunnyvale. Although many people buy books for their devices, why spend money when you can get quality books and magazines for free from the Library’s collection? Overdrive, the largest and most well-known source of eBooks for libraries, offers both eBooks and eAudiobooks for all ages in many different genres. The books are automatically returned after the loan period so you never have to worry about overdue fees. Read magazines on your tablet using the Zinio Collection. These titles do not go away, so you can build up your digital magazine collection over time. Other popular collections are Enki Library and Safari Tech Books. If you need a specialized tech title, Safari is the place to look. Coming in June is a collection of eBooks in Spanish and English for all ages from 3M Cloud. The Library has always been a source of free material and a great way to save money if you have avid readers in your family. And now, with the advent of digital materials, using the library is even more convenient because you can access it all from home. The Library’s eBook collection can be found at:,MoviesandMusic/DownloadeBooksandAudiobooks.aspx.


Five New Members Join the NOVA Workforce Board
At the May 20 Sunnyvale City Council meeting, the City Council voted to appoint five new members to the NOVA Workforce Board as follows:

  • Sinéad Borgersen – Senior Human Resources Business Partner, CA Technologies
  • Julian Chu – Director of Global Customer Services, Google
  • Ben Field – Executive Officer, South Bay Labor Council
  • Anita Manwani – Founder and CEO, Carobar Business Solutions
  • Jennifer Morrill – Senior Commercial Counsel, LinkedIn Corporation

These stellar individuals will bring the knowledge and expertise that will be invaluable to the Board in positioning itself for the challenges and opportunities that the future will bring to better prepare job seekers for employment in the 21st Century economy.

NOVA would like to thank City Councilmember Tara Martin-Milius for her valuable contributions on the NOVA Workforce Board Nominating Committee, which is charged with making recommendations to the City Council on Board appointments.

New Opportunity to Serve Long-term Unemployed: H-1B Grant Application
In Silicon Valley’s growing economy, there exists a deep inventory of workers who have been left out of the recovery, despite advanced education, skills and work experience. It is well documented that individuals who have been unemployed for six months or more, considered the long-term unemployed, face considerable challenges in returning to the workforce. For this reason, NOVA is now taking the lead in applying for a new H-1B Ready to Work grant, issued by the U.S. Department of Labor, to serve the long-term unemployed. The new program proposes to provide job search assistance, networking, training to update technical skills, and job retention services that will lead to re-employment in growing occupations and industries for which employers use H-1B visas to hire foreign workers. This proposed job-driven program will be a collaboration of five neighboring Workforce Investment Boards (WIBs) – San Francisco, San Mateo and part of Alameda counties, San Jose-based work2future and NOVA – and leading businesses in Silicon Valley. The Silicon Valley Leadership Group, representing Silicon Valley’s leading industries in high tech, social media, financial services and biotech, and the Bay Area Council, representing leading business organizations in the San Francisco Bay Area, will disseminate information to their membership companies about hiring practices that do not discriminate against the long-term unemployed, publicize internships, and circulate information on trainees/project graduates. The local chambers of commerce are expected to also play a role in employer engagement. In addition, the proposed program will include employer roundtable discussion groups, convened by NOVA and its partner WIBs, to identify the skill enhancements that will be necessary to close the gap between what job seekers offer and employers require. NOVA’s grant request, on behalf of the collaborative partners, will be for up to $6 million, with the project duration lasting 48 months. Proposals are due by June 19, with grant awards announced late summer.

Presentation at Silicon Valley Regional Economic Forum
On May 28, the NOVA Director Kris Stadelman was invited to present at the Silicon Valley Leadership Group’s annual Silicon Valley Regional Economic Forum held this year at the Computer History Museum.  The Director participated as a part of a panel discussion titled, “Innovation: Driving technical and social change in Silicon Valley.” Other members of the panel included Aart de Geus, Chairman & CEO of Synopsys; Matt Hammer, Executive Director of Innovate Public Schools; and Jennifer Thomas, President of San Jose Teacher’s Association. The Honorable Mike Wasserman, President of the Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors, closed the panel discussion. Other panel discussions during the forum included such topics as local government bread-and-butter issues, state economic issues, and federal policy impacting innovation. Overall, it was a very informative and worthwhile event.

Regional Meeting about Long-Term Unemployed
On May 20, NOVA Director Kris Stadelman, attended an invitation-only meeting and conversation with Katherine Archuleta, Director of the Federal Office of Personnel Management (OPM). Hosted by the regional office of the U.S. Department of Labor, this meeting was part of the Administration’s focused efforts to get the long-term unemployed (jobless for 27 weeks or more) back to work. Nationally, the number of long-term unemployed stands at 287,000, accounting for 35.3 percent of the unemployed. This effort has inspired many federal departments and their partners to connect on this important issue. As the director of the federal department that coordinates the hiring of all federal workers, this was a wonderful opportunity for Ms. Archuleta to better understand the local workforce investment boards’ experiences with these customers and to explore opportunities for increased coordination between the two departments.

Georgetown University’s Research Study on Job Clubs
Commissioned by the U.S. Department of Labor, a new report was produced by Georgetown University that documents job search support groups across the country, referred to as Job Clubs, operated by both faith-based and community organizations. Many job clubs have made a difference in the lives of unemployed workers, in particular the long-term unemployed. For this study, researchers visited NOVA and viewed its ProMatch program, a networking program for unemployed workers from the professional fields. ProMatch is referenced throughout this report. To review the full report titled, “Formative Evaluation of Job Clubs Operated by Faith- And Community-Based Organizations”, please visit,

California Jobs Report Released for April
On May 16, the California Employment Development Department released the jobs report for April and the unemployment rate for the San Jose-Sunnyvale-Santa Clara Metropolitan Statistical Area dropped to 5.4 percent in April, down from a revised 6.3 percent in March, with 5,800 jobs added for a total of 996,500 jobs: private health care and social assistance increased by 1,700 jobs; educational services added 800 jobs; leisure and hospitality added 600 jobs; and financial activities added 500 jobs. The state’s unemployment rate was an adjusted 7.8 percent in April, down from 8.1 percent in March. Sunnyvale’s unemployment rate was 4.5 percent in April, down from 5.2 percent in March. For more information, please visit,